Social Security Administration Case Study

Social Security Administration

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  • Consolidation of 3 software processes into one total e-commerce solution
  • Increased customer satisfaction to 98%
  • Total savings of over $700,000


The SSA’s warehouse operation manages three facilities totaling 380,000 square feet. The operation services 3,500 customers who make requests from a selection of 4,000 items including pamphlets, forms, publications and administrative supplies. Requests originate through e-mail, telephone or fax and are input into a centralized Database. The SSA ships approximately 240,000 line items per year to its regional offices and to private firms across the country and around the world.


Paper heavy operations:The entire SSA warehousing operation was running on a paper-based system characterized by marginal customer service, a month long order process and inefficient inventory management.


In 1996, the SSA began searching for a warehouse management system capable of helping them consolidate their operation, manage their inventory, and improve their order processing. After an extensive private sector benchmarking process and some site visits, SSA selected HighJump Warehouse to provide the backbone for a more accurate, efficient and service oriented operation. HighJump Warehouse was installed in all three SSA warehouses and the entire operation went live in May of 1999.

Benefits: Accuracy

HighJump Warehouse, and the concurrent wireless automated data collection equipment and barcode technology, provides the SSA with accurate, real-time, barcode validation of every warehouse function. These days, the right order ends up in the right box, every time. The entire SSA warehouse is now paperless, and all of the POs and SOs are verified through computer-assisted processes. This type of real time data capture means no more relying on paper orders that are so easily misplaced or misfiled, as well as a substantial reduction in data entry and transcription errors. HighJump Warehouse has minimized the handling steps within the warehouse, further reducing the amount of errors that occur throughout the order process. Thanks to HighJump, the SSA now boasts an inventory so accurate that they have reduced their safety stock to a bare minimum while still being able to fill 99% of their customers’ requirements.

Benefits: Efficiency

Warehouse consolidation: The most significant contribution that HighJump Warehouse has made to increasing operational efficiency is that it has allowed the SSA to integrate all three of their warehouse facilities. All three warehouses, 380,000 square feet in total, function as one and the entire SSA inventory is trackable and traceable. HighJump Warehouse has made all of the SSA’s warehouse processes more efficient.

Benefits: Customer Service

Web enabled order entry: HighJump' web-based features allowed the SSA to implement an Intranet storefront, linked directly to the SSA warehouse system, to offer its customers real-time supply ordering capabilities. Every phase of the order process is visible to the customer - from inventory availability to order status to shipping. Customers even receive an electronic shipping notification, complete with order/trace numbers, by e-mail when the order has been completed in the warehouse. If an order problem arises, the customer can generate a report to the Logistical Specialist for resolution, and customer inquiries that once took two days are now being addressed in minutes.

Overall customer satisfaction has risen from 89% to 98% since the implementation of the HighJump Warehouse system.

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