Plumrose USA Case Study

Plumrose USA


  • Cut labor costs
  • Eliminated paper usage
  • Streamlined all transportation processes
  • Integrated with homegrown ERP
  • Continuous availability of onboarding support and training
  • Opened oppurtunity for adaptable integrations

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“Even in this weak economy, we’re not only able to stay afloat but we’re projecting a steady increase in revenue over the next year. The new capabilities and efficiencies we’ve gained with Prophesy have been a tremendous help in maintaining our stability and growth.
- John Dwyer, Co-founder

Not Just Trucking, LLC is a Connecticut-based carrier specializing in the transportation of liquid products including gasoline, heating oil, diesel fuel, kerosene, liquid asphalt, and more. The company also hosts fuel inventory control systems for third parties, offers instruction in commercial driving, safety, and hazardous materials transportation, among other services. Founded in November 2002 with five tractors, Not Just Trucking now extends its services to all of New England and manages a fleet of 20 tractors, 16 gasoline tankers and 8 asphalt/heavy oil tankers with a dedicated crew of hazmat-certified CDL drivers and several office staff.

In the past, Dwyer and staff had relied upon a legacy software system for dispatching, QuickBooks® for accounting, and spreadsheets for various other tasks. “The major problem posed by our former dispatch software was that it wasn’t kept current by the manufacturer,” said Dwyer. “In today’s transportation industry, software needs to be continually updated to meet changing laws and requirements, so at some point it just stopped meeting our needs and became antiquated.” Furthermore, the spreadsheets were error-prone and did not share data, leaving the office staff prey to miscommunication as well as data entry mistakes, lapses, and duplication.

John Dwyer began his search for a new software system to handle his company’s dispatching needs and quickly found Prophesy Transportation Solutions, Inc., also based in Connecticut. After a thorough review of the features and benefits of ProphesySeries Dispatch software with account manager Jay Votzakis, Dwyer selected the Prophesy solution for his business. This fully integrated suite included an interface to his existing QuickBooks accounting software to handle all dispatching and accounting operations, as well as integrated commercial mileage and routing, fuel tax reporting, and driver management.

Once the new ProphesySeries Dispatch system was in place, the benefits became visible immediately. Dwyer has noted the newfound ease with which his staff is able to book and track loads, as well as an increase in productivity due to the wealth of tools and increased efficiencies provided by the ProphesySeries Dispatch software. “It is a tremendously timesaving program,” said Dwyer. “Using ProphesySeries Dispatch, one person can handle a workload that used to require three people. It makes all our dispatching operations much simpler.” The company also benefi ts from the integration between Prophesy and their existing QuickBooks software, seamlessly transferring billing and other information between their dispatch and accounting staff. Most recently, the company commissioned Prophesy to create custom-tailored reports that handle their specific reporting needs.

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