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Piggly Wiggly

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  • Reduction of 3000 miles per week, yielding a 15% reduction in overall transportation costs
  • Highly efficient truckloads and routes automatically generated
  • Piggly Wiggly’s specific business rules automatically applied
  • Every route is fully dynamic and can be updated on the fly
  • Routes automatically re-sequenced as needed
  • 2-3-month ROI
  • Two-person, several-hour tasks now completed by one person in minutes
  • Able to handle a greater workload
  • Improved customer satisfaction


At the turn of the 20th Century, the typical American grocery store consisted of a service counter at which customers would place their orders and have a clerk pick items from shelves for them. This all changed in 1916, when entrepreneur Clarence Saunders had the revolutionary idea to put shopping into the hands of customers by introducing the first self-service grocery store, Piggly Wiggly. Since then Piggly Wiggly has grown immensely and become a household name throughout much of the US, now comprising over 600 independently owned and operated franchise locations in 17 states.


The Piggly Wiggly Carolina Company, which manages the distribution centers in Charleston and Jedburg, South Carolina, delivers frozen, refrigerated, and dry goods to stores throughout South Carolina and Georgia. The company also handles backhauls from vendor warehouses and production locations. With a fleet of 63 trucks serving 105 stores, it is vital that these distribution centers stay abreast of all processes and manage their transportation operations as efficiently as possible.

Enter HighJump

Arsenault reviewed several load-planning systems, seeking a solution that would not only deliver the capabilities he needed but also integrate with his company’s existing warehouse management system. Recognizing HighJump Optimize as a prime candidate, Arsenault arranged a demonstration with Prophesy National Sales Manager Kevin Pasternack. Using a sample of Piggly Wiggly’s actual load data, Optimize Product Manager Gregg Marcuccio ran several “what-if” scenarios to demonstrate the savings the company would realize using the Prophesy solution. The pre-optimized data was compared with the scenarios run through HighJump Optimize, and Marcuccio was able to demonstrate a projected savings of approximately 3000 miles per week, equating to a 10-15% reduction in overall transportation costs. At this pace, the software would easily pay for itself within 2-3 months.


HighJump Implementation Consultant Adrian Dean worked with Piggly Wiggly to integrate HighJump Optimize with the existing Warehouse Management software and instruct the staff on how to use it. “I can’t believe how quick and straightforward the training and implementation was, and how easy the product is to use,” said Arsenault. “The entire process only took two days from start to finish, and we were able to go live with the software and begin seeing the benefits right away.”


With HighJump Optimize in place, the Piggly Wiggly Carolina Company fully recognizes the reduction in transportation costs projected by the preliminary live data tests. Orders from the WMS are imported into Optimize, Piggly Wiggly’s specific business rules are automatically applied, and then Optimize builds highly efficient truckloads and routes. Finally, turn-by-turn commercial driving directions are generated and printed for drivers. This newfound level of automation minimizes costs and maximizes efficiency while freeing up staff to perform other valuable tasks such as assisting customers. As a result, the company is now better able to handle a greater workload and customer satisfaction is at an all-time high.

Arsenault added that the software is not the only thing that draws him to HighJump. “HighJump' customer service is absolutely top-notch,” said Arsenault. “Whenever I need anything, be it technical support, answers to my questions, or just practical advice, I can count on the people at HighJump. The National Sales Manager Kevin, the product manager Gregg, the Technical Support and Training teams — they all really know their stuff, and they are glad to help me anytime I need it.”

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