Paper House Productions Case Study

Paper House Productions

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  •  40% increase in overall vendor scores
  •  Reduced processing time by nearly 60%
  •  Cut monthly EDI transaction fees in half
  •  Increased cash flow

Company Overview

Paper House Productions, located in Saugerties, New York, started in 1983 creating the highest quality photographic die cuts in the world. Paper House Productions is a specialty distributor of stationary and scrap-booking products and materials to retailers across the U.S such as Michael’s, AC Moore, Giant Eagle, Petco and many more.

Customer Profile

Paper House Productions located in Saugerties, New York is a specialty distributor of scrap-booking products for many national retailers.

Business Situation

Paper House’s new customer requirements were putting pressure on Paper House Productions’ business and their hosted EDI system. More manual processes meant more mistakes resulting in vendor scores that were far less than perfect. Paper House Productions realized that they needed an EDI compliance solution that enabled them to leverage their investment in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Processing 4,000-5,000 orders per month was becoming a strain on the business in more ways than one.

Business Challenge

In 2002, having brought on a few customers needing EDI, Paper House selected a hosted EDI solution with light integration to Microsoft Dynamics GP. Hooked on the promise of a great price, Paper House soon learned that their system was going to cost them far more time and money in inefficient processes and ultimately - customer satisfaction.


The switch to TrueCommerce solutions enabled Paper House Products to have embedded EDI functionality directly inside of Microsoft Dynamics GP. Using TrueCommerce EDI for Microsoft Dynamics GP, sales orders are validated against product and customer information and customer-specific business conditions that are stored in the Microsoft Dynamics GP system. Each EDI document is now validated at a very deep level with non-compliant orders flagged for review and error details included for quick identification .


“Because our workflow is streamlined and flexible, our order accuracy rates are increasing rapidly.” said Amy Hernandez-Metcalf, General Manager with Paper House Productions. “Before we began using the TrueCommerce solution, we weren’t that thrilled with our vendor scores. Paper House made a conscious effort and a goal of improving our scores. Our scores today have improved by nearly 40%. Target Stores’ for example has taken notice and is really pleased with our results. Of course, we’re thrilled with the improved customer satisfaction. So thrilled that we’ve created a goal of earning Target’s Vendor of the Year award in 2007. When our vendor scores improve we get better business incentives so it’s critical that we continue to produce near-perfect orders. I’m happy to say we are well on our way to achieving scores in the high 90’s.”

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