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Oregon Transfer Company

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Oregon Transfer Company’s success is built on a basic principle:to be viewed by our Customers as the Preferred Supplier of Quality Warehousing, Transportation, and Logistics Services in the Pacific Northwest. With over 1 million square feet of food grade warehouse space, Oregon Transfer operates trucking, distribution, storage, and cross-dock facilities for blue chip roster of national grocery product, alcoholic beverage, confectionery, and general merchandise manufacturers.


HighJump: When did you first purchase HighJump Enterprise 3PL?

Steve: December 29, 2010 was when we made the decision and signed the papers. Implementation started several weeks later.

A: How large is your Internal IT organization?

S: Just me. Decision process involved a team of about 6-7 people, including operations managers, assistant managers, customer service, all involved in the review process.

A: What other systems did you consider when you selected HighJump?
S: Maves, Red Prairie, Zethcon
A: Why did you choose HighJump over the other systems?
S: Overall software offering. Number 1, HighJump met our needs, has a lot of resources because they are a larger company, and a good fit culturally. Our needs included directed put-away and picking, robust RF, labor capture, web access for our customers, and of course billing system that our old system didn't do.
A: How long from the time you purchased HighJump to when you went live with your first customer?
S: We had to do several things before we could start implementing, including equipment and training, so Feb/March. We went live on May 1st 2011.
A: How would you rate HighJump 3PL Warehouse Industry Knowledge on a scale of 1-10, with 10 representing Extremely Knowledgeable?
S: Don’t know how to put it, but overall a 9. (Depends on who you’re talking to) We worked with Paul Swain – Implementation coordinator and project manager then moved to Geoff Sullivan. We worked a lot with sales and support.
A: How do you feel that HighJump staff knowledge helped or hindered the implementation?
S: Helped. Paul was very knowledgeable, had warehouse experience, understood our business and needs and helped greatly.
A: Was the implementation close to on – time (within 30 days or original plan), if not can you please state by approximately how many days it was delayed and whether it was related to HighJump or you?
S: on time. We didn't choose to implement all our customers at one time, but rather implemented a few at a time.
A: How long did it take to migrate all of your facilities and customers to the HighJump system?
S: Not all customers are migrated yet. For our own business reasons we have staged it, but we are working on it. They will all be on the HighJump system this year. HighJump could have done nothing better to move the process along.
A: Did you have HighJump involved beyond the first site (customer), or did you migrate other customers/sites on you own?
S: One large customer after the first wave was helped with HighJump, but all others we did all on our own.
A: Did you retain outside professional assistance, beyond HighJump (only referring to the HighJump application, not infrastructure or network)?
S: No
A: Is it your intention to have all of your facilities operate on HighJump, if not can you please offer some comments as to why not?
S: Planning to have all customer migration completed this year.
A: How many customers do you have running in all of your facilities and how many customers do you average per facility?
S: Greatly varies depending on size. We have a lot of small companies, some medium companies and some large companies. Depends on how much square feet they take up. We have 35 of our customers on HighJump, with 15 more to go.
A: Are you operating separate instances of the HighJump system or multiple instances (multiple databases or one database)?
S: one database
A: Did you require customization to the core solution, If so approximately how much did you invest for customization?
S: minor customization. Minimal, less than 10 hours of HighJump time. We really tried to avoid customization but the time and cost has been minor.
A: Beyond your annual maintenance costs from HighJump, how would you describe your annual spend with HighJump?
S: It hasn't been much. There will be an upgrade that we will do that will cost but we are not there yet. It may be more than we like, but we won’t be doing it now.
A: What percent of the billing is automated and billed through HighJump?
S: all of the customers that are on are 100% besides a few minor interventions – as always in this business.
A: Have you been able to upgrade to a newer version of HighJump, if not any reason why?
S: We are waiting for the next release with more functionality. It is partly the cost, we want to make sure the timing fits with the functionality. It is always a costly proposition to upgrade. Most likely it will be fall or winter.
A: Overall, how would you describe your experience working with HighJump, from purchase through implementation to everyday operations?
S: We've had a good experience. Our implementation went well, we met our budget, HighJump is a good resource, so overall we are happy. There are always some improvements and some things that could be better but it’s a work in progress. The functionality will get better, so overall, we are happy.

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