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Ocean Gardens


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Ocean Garden Products

From its modest beginnings in 1957, as a small group of boat owners from Mexico seeking a US market for its harvest of premium shrimp, Ocean Garden Products has grown to a
leading global provider of seafood products to the foodservice and retail industries. OGP is headquartered in San Diego, California, and has satellite offices and sales representatives throughout the United States, Mexico, Canada, Europe, and Asia. The company specializes in the import, export, sales, and marketing of wild and farm raised Mexican shrimp as well as other seafood including salmon, calamari, and abalone.

With hundreds of orders being delivered from several distribution centers, OGP depends on efficiency in its operations to maintain low costs and high-quality service. Throughout its history the company has built shipments and tracked overhead using paper and eventually spreadsheets -- methods that have since become less effective due to company growth and a changing industry climate. “Since our services are prepaid by the customer, we need to be sure of all cost factors up front,” said Ciro Gonzalez, OGP Distribution Manager. “This was traditionally very difficult because we didn’t have the ability to accurately project costs using our conventional methods. It became hard to tell whether we were gaining or losing money.”

Gonzalez began a search for a TMS (Transportation Management System) that would help optimize daily operations and provide information to support management decisions. He found several products but they had too wide a scope, were too costly and included features that they just did not need. Other, simpler products did not include all of the functionality his company needed. Furthermore, most of these products would require that many of their business practices adapt to suit the software, which is not feasible for this industry.

After a thorough search of available solutions, Gonzalez reviewed Prophesy’s ShipperPlus logistics software and found it to be an affordable option that met all of the company’s functionality requirements. “I was particularly impressed by Prophesy’s ability to accommodate the transportation industry rating practices,” said Gonzalez. “Many other software companies claimed to allow detailed configuration of rates, but we couldn’t find one that truly fit our needs. Prophesy, on the other hand, was able to capture all of our possible rating scenarios. This allows us to work with single truck owner operators as well as sophisticated 3PL vendors just as easily.” Gonzalez was also impressed with Prophesy’s use of SQL database technology, which offers the capability of data mining allowing them to analyze and optimize their distribution network.

The company was able to quickly implement and configure ShipperPlus and immediately begin seeing the benefits. Shipments would no longer have to be handled manually, as ShipperPlus automatically determines the ideal carrier to use, the most efficient way to consolidate orders, the optimal delivery route, and more. The software also immediately calculates exactly what the associated costs will be, removing the need for long and tedious calculations at the end of the month. “All shipment costs are precisely calculated in advance now, which is mutually beneficial for us and our customers because it allows us to keep our prices low and still remain profitable,” said Gonzalez. “We are also able to keep ourselves informed with highly detailed information on our carriers, traffic lanes, costs allocated, and much more. The consistent use of efficient consolidation, delivery routes, and cost control helped us to reduce an estimated 20% of overall transportation costs.” 

Prophesy Transportation Solutions, Inc. is a leading developer of load building, distribution, shipment optimization, route optimization, and load planning software for manufacturers, distributors, private fleet carriers, 3PLs, and direct mailers. To find out how Prophesy Logistics Software will help your company gain increased operational control, efficiency, and on-time performance, please visit www.mile.com/logistics, call (800) 776-6706, or email moreinfo@mile.com.

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