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Meyers Bros Trucking

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“The ProphesySeries Dispatch system was definitely a worthwhile investment. It has been a huge help to our dispatching and accounting operations and has made the business more efficient overall.” -Dustin Meyers, Founder

Meyers Bros. Trucking, located in Pioneer, Ohio, was founded by Craig Meyers and Dustin Meyers in 2003. At that time, the company had only one employee and one truck. Dustin started off delivering automotive parts for a local Menards store, to customers that were unable to transport the items themselves.

A year later, Craig began driving for the company and from there the business continued to expand. Meyers Bros. Trucking is now a family owned and operated regional truckload carrier. The company provides a wide range of services including van, curtainside, flatbed, covered wagon, dry bulk, jobsite deliveries, dump, oversize/wide loads and heavy haul. 

Prior to purchasing a dispatch system, the Meyers Bros. staff used a combination of written and memory-based methods. Dustin knew that he had to start looking for dispatch software if the company was going to keep growing. Having previously learned of the ProphesySeries Dispatch trucking software system through a mail advertisement, Dustin decided to inquire. He also looked at several competitive solutions but found that nothing matched up to what Prophesy had to offer.

The Meyers brothers viewed a demonstration of ProphesySeries Dispatch with National Sales Representative Jay Votzakis. They were so impressed with the demonstration that they quickly chose the ProphesySeries Dispatch Solution to run their business going forward.

“Items that factored into our purchase of ProphesySeries Dispatch were price, efficiency, and the availability of additional system options,” said Dustin. He was pleased to see that his company could build additional modules onto the ProphesySeries Dispatch system at their own pace. He explained, “I was excited to learn that we could add on to the system as our company grew, giving us time to get used to each piece.”

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