J Walter Company Case Study

J Walter Company

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  • Supported 100 per cent order volume growth with same number of staff
  • Order turn around speed increased by 25 per cent
  • Picking accuracy increased by 25 per cent


The J. Walter Company Ltd. (Walter) first opened its doors as an importer and distributor of industrial utilities in Canada in 1952. Since then, the company has grown into a world-leading supplier of metalworking products for the mining, gas and oil development, aircraft and automotive manufacturing, pharmaceutical and construction industries. Throughout its history, Walter has focused on delivering high quality, innovative high-end products ranging from abrasives for metal cutting, grinding, brushing and finishing to chemical tools for lubricating, cleaning and protecting metal surfaces. Its products not only help metalworking organizations increase productivity and lower production and maintenance costs, but also consistently exceed established safety and environmental standards. Today, Walter has offices throughout Canada, the U.S., South America and Europe.


Walter has centralized its distribution in a 22,000 square foot warehouse in Montreal, PQ. The busy central warehouse includes a carousel and an off-carousel zone, with 10 warehouse staff picking 7,500 product SKUs across six levels and 8,000 locations.


In the fall of 2000, Walter began working with Imagine Inc., a warehouse management solution reseller. The company decided to implement an automated WMS within its warehouse to improve inventory control, efficiency and productivity levels. Since a key requirement for the new WMS was that it integrate with Tecsys,Walter’s ERP system, Imagine recommended that the organization implement HighJump Warehouse.


Walter’s central warehouse has changed dramatically since the company implemented HighJump Warehouse. Efficiency and productivity have increased, as has inventory control, and staff appreciate the product location information provided to them through their Symbol handheld scanners.

"With this system, we have gained the type of control we could only dream of previously," says Jeannot. "The supervisor knows exactly what’s happening on every floor. It’s like having an extra set of eyes."

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Download the HighJump Warehouse Management System Brochure