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Insight Pharmaceuticals

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“It has allowed us to create a great deal of efficiency, we’ve seen great cost savings by switching our solution in house.”

-Rob Waring, Vice President of Finance

Insight Pharmaceuticals
Insight Pharmaceuticals is a manufacturer and marketer of leading, nonprescription medications that aid users in dealing with common ailments. Many of the medications are well-known brands, such as Sucrets® Sore Throat and Cough Lozenges, Nix® Lice Treatment, Anacin ® Pain Reliever, N’Ice® Lozenges, Nostrilla® Nasal Spray and Bonine® Travel Sickness Relief. Its products and brands are available at most leading retailers: drug, supermarkets and mass merchandisers, throughout the United States. For additional information on the Insight Pharmaceuticals line of products, please visit

Insight Pharmaceuticals outsourced its EDI function to a third party logistics provider. However, when Insight Pharmaceuticals changed providers, it was an optimal time to re-evaluate the way it conducted EDI. The switch to the new provider made it easier to migrate to a new EDI solution.

Business Need
After careful consideration, Insight Pharmaceuticals decided to bring its EDI function in house, a move that would allow them better visibility with customers, such as CVS, Eckerd Pharmacy, Walgreens and Target, and enable them to process orders more quickly without adding staff. In addition, bringing EDI in house would give them more control over their business processes and better access to account information.

Insight Pharmaceuticals reviewed several EDI providers, including HighJump, who came highly recommended from Merit Solutions, an IT company specializing in retail technology.

The new in house solution enables Insight Pharmaceuticals to quickly process orders with more than 40 trading partners. “It has allowed us to create a great deal of ef´Čüciency,” explained Waring. “We’ve seen great cost savings by switching our solution in house.” Insight Pharmaceuticals is currently exploring additional ways they can leverage their EDI solution and generate even more efficiency.

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