Dutchman Tree Farms Case Study

Dutchman Tree Farms

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Dutchman Tree Farms

Situated amid the sprawling wooded regions of Northern Michigan, Dutchman Tree Farms, LLC, specializes in individual, wholesale and customized orders of Christmas trees and shrubbery. They provide balled and burlap trees, container-grown trees, wreaths, shrubbery and accessories to diverse buyers ranging from large retail vendors like Home Depot® down to local corner tree lots. The company uses TrueCommerce EDI for Microsoft Dynamics® GP that integrates into the accounting system to manage its continual influx of orders, improve the traceability of outbound product and facilitate further growth into new areas of the industry.

The Company

Dutchman Tree Farms was founded in 1972 by Steve VanderWeide and his wife Deborah, making their start by retailing trees at a farmers market in Atlanta, Georgia. The company was very small at the time, with Steve, Deborah and a few seasonal workers handling the day-to-day responsibilities for nearly 10 years. In the late 1970’s, The VanderWeides decided that they would transition their company from retailer to wholesaler. The reasoning behind this big move was simple – they wanted to open their business to greater opportunity in the tree farming industry, as well as offer their affiliates the ability to retail Dutchman Tree Farm trees with ease of mind.

The Situation

Dutchman used a homegrown EDI solution for some time. The problem the staff faced was that the solution did not have the ability to integrate to the company’s Active Accounting system. With this shortcoming causing serious strain on their growing business, the company’s leadership saw an imminent need to purchase a solution that would better facilitate their accounting practices and save precious time and money for their business.

TrueCommerce EDI for Microsoft Dynamics® GP

TrueCommerce EDI for Microsoft Dynamics® GP is an automated electronic document interchange solution that has been developed from the ground up for the Microsoft Dynamics GP environment. It accepts inbound and outbound electronic documents in any format – X.12 EDI, XML, flat files and more – and automatically converts them to any corresponding format that is required for further processing.


Having identified TrueCommerce EDI for Microsoft Dynamics® GP as a forerunning solution during their research, Justin Bartlett and Pam Vanderwall attended a product demonstration given by HighJump Senior Consultant Steve Norris. Soon after the demonstration, the Dutchman team decided that TrueCommerce EDI for Microsoft Dynamics® GP was the perfect fit their company. With the approval of, Chris Maciborski and Joel Hoekwater they made the final decision to purchase the product.


Dutchman Tree Farms is currently using TrueCommerce EDI for Microsoft Dynamics® GP for sales order processing and exchange of invoices and purchase orders with their largest partners on a daily basis.

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