Curriculum Associates Case Study

Curriculum Associates

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  • Increase in same day orders shipped
  • Increase in next day orders shipped
  • Reduction in lost revenues due to down time


Curriculum Associates is a leading publisher and provider of teaching aids and supplementary classroom materials based in North Billerica, Massachusetts. Widely respected in the industry for creating and distributing quality product and backed by a thirty year history, Curriculum Associates bills themselves as "the teachers who publish" and provide resources to teachers and school districts across North America.


Curriculum Associates had experienced significant growth, at an annual rate of 30%, for the last five years running. The combination of new teachers discovering classic product lines and an extensive list of new materials being created every year meant intensified order volume and an increased number of SKUs in the warehouse. These increases put enormous pressure on Curriculum Associates to fulfill the ever-growing number of orders arriving from schools and districts.


The first step was for Curriculum Associates to contact Abel Integrated Handling Solutions Inc. of Boston to come up with a comprehensive plan for automating and redesigning the warehouses. Abel’s Mike Petinge led a team that designed all new warehouse layouts including racking and warehouse automation equipment. A major component of Petinge’s strategy was to provide Curriculum Associates with a WMS that could deliver the accuracy and efficiency they required, as well as integrate with Curriculum Associate’s proprietary order processing and shipping systems and the anticipated warehouse automation equipment, specifically Ermanco® conveyors.


Curriculum Associates recently conducted an audit to determine the time required to process and ship out orders. The audit indicated that with HighJump in use, over 50% of customer orders were shipped out the same day they were received, and over 80% of orders were shipped out by the next business day. Without the need to shut down the warehouse to perform the wall-to-wall inventory count, Curriculum Associates estimates that they save over $100,000 in lost revenues associated with the down time and subsequent backlog.

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Download the HighJump Warehouse Management System Brochure