Canderm Pharma Case Study

Canderm Pharma

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  • Order volume increased 15% without a corresponding increase in staff
  • Order accuracy increased to 99+%
  • Order picking times reduced by one-third


Canderm Pharma is a family owned and operated business with over 40 years of experience in the marketing and distribution of skin care products. Operating out of a 28,000 square foot facility located in Ville St-Laurent, Quebec, Canderm has become the leading independent dermatological care company in Canada.


Canderm Pharma was running their paper-based warehouse using a cardex system, in which manual logs were kept noting the location and movement of goods throughout the facility. When it came time to provide reports for the senior management team, the reports were built manually on an excel spreadsheet – a laborious and potentially error prone process.


In late 2001, Canderm Pharma entered the WMS marketplace looking to find a system that could accommodate their inventory control requirements, increase their order accuracy, and expand their enterprise wide visibility with an interface to their Platinum accounting package. They specifically needed a system that could meet these requirements at a cost a mid-market distributor like Canderm Pharma could afford. "Several systems were explored during the initial search for a perfect fit," explains Canderm Pharma’s Director of Finances, Danielle Lecuyer. "We are not a large company and the cost/benefit analysis couldn’t justify a huge investment, so cost played a considerable role in our decision to go with HighJump Warehouse."


The benefits of installing the system were felt almost immediately at Canderm Pharma. The warehouse was running with a minimum number of staff as the system was being implemented and HighJump allowed Canderm Pharma to continue its operations, with the increased demand, without having to add any new floor staff. Today, the orders being processed per day are up almost fifteen percent over the levels achieved in 2001, without the corresponding increase in staff.

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Download the HighJump WMS for SAP Business One Brochure