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Atlantic Can

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  • Fast, uncomplicated implementation
  • Positive control over 35,000 s.f. warehouse
  • Seamless Integration with Sage 100 ERP
  • Seamless integration with HighJump Shipping Solutions
  • Real-time operations throughout
  • Directed putaway, picking processes
  • Near-doubling of outbound shipments
  • 25 percent personnel reduction
  • 80-85 percent less inventory loss
  • 90 percent order accuracy improvement
  • Same-day shipping from receiving dock
  • Elimination of paper documentation

The Company

When it comes to making a purchase, consumers often opt for the product that looks the best. Nobody knows that better than Brian LeBlanc, co-owner and CEO of Atlantic Can Company, a Westhampton, N.J.-based company that years ago left behind its origins as a can manufacturer to distribute an extensive array of decorative tins, tin accessories and plastic tubs and trays that are designed to catch the eye.

In its business model, Atlantic Can anticipates its customers’ requirements and carries the products and quantities that likely will be needed -- many of them seasonally oriented – normally shipping from stock but also able to command speedy delivery from its own vendors if necessary, LeBlanc says.

Seeking Software Solutions
Atlantic purchased two solutions to deal with the problem: a barcoding system sought to match bin locations with a software map of the warehouse that resided in the second solution, a basic but somewhat limited inventory management system that communicated with the Sage 100 ERP software. Almost two disappointing years into the implementation effort, LeBlanc asked its I.T. vendor to remove the barcoding and inventory management software and to recommend a possible alternative.

LeBlanc’s technology objectives have always been straightforward: contain costs; gain more precise control over inventory, including where/how it was stored within the facility; expedite processes; minimize the possibility of human error; and provide better customer service.

Atlantic maintains stocking levels based on its long-term experience with its customers’ requirements, but the company’s relationships with its own vendors allow it to fulfill emergency requirements as well. Most of the product it receives is already printed – Santa Claus popcorn cans for Christmas, etc.

Everything is done in real-time, now, LeBlanc says, noting that prior to the implementation of the HighJump software it was extremely difficult to receive merchandise and ship it the same day. Now, he says, they can ship right from the receiving area.

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Download the Atlantic Can Case Study