We are very excited to inform you that we have launched the Accellos Helpdesk for the AccellosOne Warehouse / Radio Beacon product line!

Below you will find information on how to access our new Accellos Helpdesk Solution and documentation on how to use it.

The Accellos Helpdesk solution is much more advanced than our historic Incident Tracker and will allow much more seamless flow between our teams as we add products to our portfolio. The Incident Tracker that has been used historical has been retired and will not be used from this point forward. Wherever possible, all communications with the Accellos Helpdesk Team should flow through the Accellos Helpdesk now.

The URL to bookmark is : https://helpdesk.accellos.com

Please note that you will require a new Login & password!

We wish to have the most current contact information – so we need you to complete the steps noted below..

Example of email to update our records, to ensure upon ticket Entry – self population of key fields will be completed for you.














Please use the following template to simplify and standardize your information for us and to ensure we have the most current information possible. This will allow us to expedite changes and process as efficiently as possible.

Please email WMSSupport@accellos.com subject : TXP Primary email address update –

Simply cut and paste and add your specific information.

Subject: TXP Primary email address update – Mycompanyname  (note:  This user is our primary contact and will be copied on all tickets)

Primary Email Address (single email only)


Main IT contact Name


Main IT contact Phone + Ext


Secondary email address(es) ; parsed will be defaulted in CC field, but editable in ticket creation


Address 1


Address 2








Regarding your profile – Please note the primary email address flows into our Helpdesk system from our Accounting system.

Here are some additional resources to help adjust to our new system:

·         Accellos Helpdesk Guide – Stored in our TicketXpert Forum on My.Accellos.com.

·         Accellos Helpdesk Quick Walkthrough Videos – URL’s Below

·         Email Calum.Greig@accellos.com and I will work with you or arrange assistance to help.

Accellos Helpdesk Guide

·         Available online – hosted in our My.accellos.com website http://my.accellos.com/ – our Accellos online community. http://my.accellos.com/wp-content/uploads/group-documents/95/1349972870-accellos_helpdesk_customer_guide_20.pdf

Quick Video Walkthrough

·         In order to expedite adoption, we have a created some brief videos to assist in helping you and your team build familiarity with this new tool.
We will release updated and more polished videos as time permits, and include them in our AccellosOne Workspace Video Center J. The intention with providing these brief videos was to assist in scheduling flexibility

o    The introduction to our Accellos Helpdesk Quick Video Walkthrough Series https://accellos.webex.com/accellos/ldr.php?AT=pb&SP=MC&rID=43041882&rKey=c1178122f427fe6c

o    Accellos Helpdesk Quick Walkthrough Series – Logging in and Key Screens https://accellos.webex.com/accellos/ldr.php?AT=pb&SP=MC&rID=43041912&rKey=028171191dd2ebae

o    Accellos Helpdesk Quick Walkthrough Series – How to Open a Ticket https://accellos.webex.com/accellos/ldr.php?AT=pb&SP=MC&rID=43041932&rKey=7b7feb84b6c04d13

o    Accellos Helpdesk Quick Walkthrough Series – How to update a Ticket & Add a Note to Support https://accellos.webex.com/accellos/ldr.php?AT=pb&SP=MC&rID=43041972&rKey=300eaf7fb43c489d

o    Accellos Helpdesk Quick Walkthrough Series – How to update your profile https://accellos.webex.com/accellos/ldr.php?AT=pb&SP=MC&rID=43045997&rKey=98656fee89018c66


We would really appreciate any feedback that you have and will assist you to ensure we seamlessly get your operation engaging our Helpdesk through this new solution.

Thank you for your understanding in the expedited migration to our Accellos Helpdesk portal!