We are excited to announce that this March, Prophesy will add a powerful tool to the Prophesy CompleteCare Service, to better serve our customers. 

Ticket Xpert is a help desk tool that will allow users to submit an online ticket for their inquiry and enjoy targeted feedback from our Support Team with zero “on-hold” wait time.  Simply submit a ticket, and one of our Support Team Representatives will respond with an answer for you. 

This system also gives our customers easy online access to the status and history of issues reported. 

In the upcoming weeks we’ll be sending more information out to our customers currently enrolled in the CompleteCare Maintenance Program.  Not sure if you are currently enrolled in CompleteCare?  Contact us at 800.776.6706 for details.

To keep you ahead of the curve, we will be sending videos to help transition our staff in the upcoming weeks. 

Here are some things you can expect with the new Ticket Xpert Tool:

Benefits you’ll notice right away:

  • Securely access & view all tickets past and current reported by your company
  • Access general information updates quickly through the handy News Tab.
  • An extensive resource library to help you along with basic product questions.

How will this improve our response time:

  • By capturing critical details right away, our team is better able to route, and troubleshoot, each issue in the most efficient way.
  • Improved diagnostic tools
  • Elimination of duplicate calls, freeing up representatives for more efficient response times.
  • No “on-hold” time for our valued users.
  • Faster response to critical issues via “triage” tools

This March, we will roll this exciting new tool out to our customers.  Keep your eyes open for some additional resources to help get a jump start on our new system coming soon!