Warehouse Management for 3PL

Download the Product BrochureMeeting the ever changing demands of varying warehousing clients within a 3PL can be a daunting task, even for the best of operators.  Fortunately, Accellos has been focused on solving the problems of concurrent client logistics of 3PL companies for more than 20 years by providing a unique, user configurable set of programs designed to address these challenging issues.

By providing tools that allow our customers to control the user experience on either the RF gun or PC, the system automatically ensures that operators comply with the service level agreements with your customers. Accellos takes the risk out of complex, unique agreements and SLA’s no matter what the requirement.

The Accellos multi-company functionality addresses the unique inventory and order management requirements of Third Party Logistics (3PL).  Inventory is associated with a specific company and overlapping item numbers are handled seamlessly.  Likewise, the system handles any overlapping Sales Orders or Purchase Orders seamlessly as well which will save you hours of manual data entry.

With AccellosOne WMS for 3PL you can:

  • Provide the highest level of customer service at the lowest possible cost
  • Reduce your labor costs and know the contribution of each customer and employee
  • Bill and track every penny, of every contract, for every billable activity, every time
  • Provide repeatable, predictable service with 100% customer compliance that can be unique for each customer
  • Control your client’s inventory with a feature rich, world class Warehouse Management Core

AccellosOne WMS for 3PL strikes the perfect balance of customer satisfaction, employee fulfillment and shareholder value, delivering greater profitability and rapid return on investment for our customers and accelerated logistics and warehousing services for the clients they serve.

Key features of the 3PL warehouse management system include:

  • Client specific workflows for inbound, outbound and inventory control processes
  • Ability to execute workflows with RF, voice, paper or any combination
  • Inventory attribute tracking to allow for tracking of specific customer required attributes such as lot, serial, style/color/size, expiration and many others.
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Cross-docking – planned and opportunistic
  • Receiving and optimized directed putaway
  • Inbound value added services by client, product, shipper, receiver
  • Management of bonded storage
  • Reverse logistics / returns processing

Download the Product Brochure