Transportation Optimization

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Being a private or dedicated fleet, the goal seems simple:  Deliver your goods on time and at minimum cost.  In the real world you create operational plans that juggle order consolidation, load optimization, delivery time windows, route planning, variable fleet size, backhauls, stop order definition and DOT regulations.

AccellosOne Optimize allows you to create intelligent transportation plans by automating the processes for you.  Not only will you save on your transportation costs, but by automating these processes you are able to allocate your resources to other areas of your business, effectively reducing your total operating costs.  AccellosOne Optimize enables 3PL’s, distributors, retailers, and manufacturers to maximize the effectiveness of their freight spend. It combines load building optimization, scheduling, and routing decision support for least cost shipping.  By automating your load planning process you can save 10-20% or more on your overall transportation costs, allowing you to reinvest those savings back into your business. With Optimize’s browser-based design you are able to manage these processes from anywhere you have access to a browser!

AccellosOne Optimize’s powerful optimization engine utilizes state of the art optimization algorithms to produce loads and routes that balance profitability and customer requirements.  In order to maximize the return, AccellosOne Optimize considers multiple solutions to the problem it is presented such as; what consolidation options are available, which route consumes the fewest miles, are there pooling opportunities, is it less expensive to ship the freight on your assets or broker the load to a 3rd party, and which 3rd party offers the most cost effective option.

AccellosOne Optimize deploys at a single user PC or integrates into the corporate ERP for full visibility by the company.  In addition, AccellosOne Optimize integrates into the full AccellosOne Supply Chain Suite.  Check out our case studies and white papers to see how AccellosOne Optimize performs in the real world.  Each page has several options to connect to a knowledgeable consultant if you have questions.

AccellosOne Optimize Benefits:

  • Reduced transportation spend
  • Meet dock schedules and deadlines every time
  • Leverage real time opportunities for shipment consolidation
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Optimize distribution patterns, route building, and cost analysis

The Aberdeen Group states: With the increased pressure on logistics professionals to manage rising costs and surcharges, taking the steps necessary to review and analyze routes and schedules is critical to establishing new strategies for the future and effectively navigating the treacherous road ahead.

Download the Product Brochure