WMS Shipment Visibility

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Access to information is the driving force of business today.  Information allows us to make better decisions, information allows us to plan, and information gives us peace of mind.  Accellos develops solutions to collect and organize information for our customers.  However, your customers are also looking for clear, transparent access to information.

AccellosOne SkyTrack provides that access to information.  SkyTrack is the solution that a tracks all loads regardless of what carrier in one place, one application, that can be implemented into your entire warehouse management system, your whole ERP.  SkyTrack also gives you visibility down to the carton level of specific shipments and you can customize alerts for late or stale shipments.  Finally, SkyTrack allows you to grant access to this information to consignees through a dedicated portal.

AccellosOne SkyTrack can be deployed to an individual user’s PC or SkyTrack can be integrated into the corporate ERP for full visibility.  In addition, SkyTrack integrates to the full AccellosOne Supply Chain Suite.  Check out our case studies and white papers to learn more about how AccellosOne performs in the real world.  Each page has several options to connect to a knowledgeable consultant if you have questions.

AccellosOne SkyTrack Benefits:

  • Simplicity
  • Agility
  • Productivity
  • Investment

Download the Product Brochure