Screen Design

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Every warehouse is different.  So why leave the capture of critical information to chance and receive less than desirable results?

AccellosOne Screen Designer allows you an unrivaled degree of control of designing the screen of your hand-held scanners. Insert specific steps for warehouse workers to follow, allow the information that is important to you to be keyed into the  hand-held device, and gain greater visibility from your Picking and Receiving personnel.

Screen Designer provides the capability that users have been looking for to streamline and customize the warehouse operations without the need for any custom programming.

Key Capabilities:

  • Edit layout of information on handheld screen
  • Add or remove prompts and pop-up screens  on handheld screen
  • Edit font, color, size, style, and images to handheld screen display
  • Add user defined screens for specific workflows

Download the Product Brochure