Appointment Scheduling

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Studies show that carriers spend more time waiting for access to a dock door than they actually spend in loading or unloading their trailers. The average company spends 20 minutes scheduling an inbound delivery or an outbound pickup appointment.  Companies invest in solutions like demand planning, warehouse management, and transportation management to help them optimize their warehouse management, yet very little attention is paid to the pickup and delivery processes.

AccellosOne Schedule is the solution that helps you cost effectively move from a manual appointment system to an automated one.  AccellosOne Schedule’s web-centric design and ease of use allows you to quickly and easily book an appointment based around customizable business rules for each facility and door.  Then share the schedule with both internal users and external partners and customers.  You will save labor costs by centralizing your scheduling function and add visibility across your extended enterprise.

AccellosOne Schedule is a fully integrated component of the AccellosOne Supply Chain Suite and allows users to optimize inbound and outbound traffic for increased accuracy, speed, and efficiency.  With this integration you have access to drag and drop functionality which allows you to seamlessly import your purchase orders and sales orders from your AccellosOne Warehouse system and into AccellosOne Schedule so you can assign carriers to a specific dock door at a specific time of your choosing.  AccellosOne Schedule can also be deployed as a standalone solution of your overall warehouse management system, allowing you to still designate dock doors to specific orders.

Check out our case studies and white paper to see how AccellosOne Schedule performs in the real world.  Each page has several options to connect with a knowledgeable consultant if you have any question.

AccellosOne Schedule Benefits:

  • Reallocate labor to other productive areas
  • Minimize congestion on the dock
  • Reduced wait time for both inbound and outbound drivers
  • Benchmark with KPIs
  • Access to historical scheduling data
  • Available anywhere through browser based design
  • Seamless integration to other Accellos products

Download the Product Brochure