Truck and Trailer Tracking

ProphesySeries offers an advanced tracking system which allows your dispatcher to account for the daily operations of each and every truck you run, absolutely automatically, through our easy to use GPS-enabled mobile communications system. This solution is fully integrated with our industry preferred Prophesy Dispatch software, bringing you the ultimate fleet management tool on the market today.

The advanced interface between Prophesy Dispatch and your choice of Qualcomm, PeopleNet, or Teletrac Mobile Communications allows your dispatchers and drivers to focus more on their jobs and less on the legwork of communicating load information.

When a dispatcher creates a load, all necessary load data is automatically sent to the driver’s in-cab device, and in turn, all confirmations, arrivals/departures and other updates sent back by the driver are automatically processed by the software. Meanwhile, robust GPS position tracking allows complete visibility over your busy fleet.

The ProphesySeries Tracking interface delivers:

  • Full integration with Prophesy Dispatch
  • GPS tracking
  • Enhanced load position mapping
  • 2-Way automated data communication (Loads) between dispatcher and driver
  • Automatic check calls
  • Automatic ETA updates
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Reduced communication costs

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