Internet Shipment Tracking

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Modeled after the nation’s most popular small package and parcel tracking services (i.e. UPS® or FedEx®), the ProphesySeries Internet Shipment Tracking solution is designed to empower your customers with secure access to their order, shipment, and load information anytime day or night.

With Internet Shipment Tracking, your customers are happy, in control, and best of all not tying up your phone lines with calls to check on shipment and load status. Real-time information on every shipment/load is always available, including notification of delays when necessary. Changes made within your dispatch system are automatically reflected in your Internet Shipment Tracking solution’s display, eliminating the need for your customer to reach you by phone. It’s top notch customer service, hands-free.

With the ProphesySeries Internet Shipment Tracking solution you have…

  • Complete Visibility:  Shipments, loads, are visible from pickup to delivery
  • Accessibility:  Web-based, and accessible from any PC
  • Security:  With their dedicated user name and password, your customers will view only their own shipments/loads upon login.
  • Time Savings:  Cut down time spent on the phone providing answers to shipment/load questions
  • Real-Time Status:  Your customers know in real-time the status of every shipment/load
  • Automatic Updates: The solution will automatically send email updates when shipments/ loads are picked up and delivered.
  • Dispatcher Defined Alerts:  This module automatically distributes dispatch alerts to the appropriate customers when necessary.
  • Historical Data:  Easily recall trip data from history on previously completed loads.
  • Document Imaging:  Scanned in load documents can be retrieved by your customers online* (requires Prophesy Document Imaging module)

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Download the Product Brochure