We understand that electronically transacted business is an increasingly important tool in today’s global economy. More than ever, companies like yours are recognizing EDI as an essential means of staying competitive in your market and interacting effectively with your community of business associates.

Moving to automated electronic interaction can:

  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce labor
  • Improve accuracy and customer service
  • Build better relationships with key suppliers

…all of which drive lower costs and the resulting higher profits.

ProphesySeries EDI software gives you the means to accommodate everyone in your business community, large or small. It helps you build a collaborative, real-time trading network that accelerates your partners’ adoption of standards and improves compliance while streamlining your operations.

The ProphesySeries EDI solution allows you to leverage several transaction sets, including:

  • 204 – Motor Carrier Shipping Information
  • 214 – Motor Carrier Shipment Status Message
  • 990 – Response to Load Tender
  • 997 – Functional Acknowledgment
  • 210 – Motor Carrier Freight Details and Invoice

The ProphesySeries EDI solution’s browser-based design makes it simple to deploy and use, but its powerful infrastructure can adapt quickly to any business need and help keep you competitive in today’s complex market. Based upon Microsoft’s BizTalk Server, the system’s Communications Gateway is built for performance. Whether you deploy it on premise or in the cloud, it allows you to onboard the most difficult new trading partner in record time. Furthermore, the solution is fully scalable and can grow with you as your business demands more from your EDI system.

This solution has integrations available for a wide variety of solutions, from our own family of AccellosOne supply chain solutions to ERP offerings from Microsoft, Oracle and SAP.

Available Adapters:

  • AccellosOne
  • File
  • HTTP
  • POP3
  • SMTP
  • SOAP
  • WCF
  • Sharepoint
  • MSMQ
  • Websphere MQ
  • Host (AS/400)
  • Tibco
  • SAP
  • Oracle eBusiness
  • JD Edwards
  • Siebel
  • PeopleSoft
  • Microsoft Dynamics

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