Dashboard with Real-Time KPI’s

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The robust ProphesySeries Dashboard with real time KPIs and reporting enables 3PL’s, distributors, retailers, manufacturers and transportation companies to get immediate insight into the key performance indicators that drive decisions in their business every day.

With this solution, you will have access to real-time analytics displaying the present state of your business, historically relevant charts and graphs highlighting important trends and time sensitive reports, and alerts pointing out key criteria to aid in your decision making process.

The reports in this solution can be used “as is” by the customer or can be modified based on your operational requirements. Additionally, the browser-based design makes the solution easy to use, regardless of location, and the intuitive interface makes learning how to use charts, graphs, data grids, reports and gauges simple.

The Dashboard with real KPIs integrates with a number of Accellos products such as Prophesy Transport, AccellosOne Warehouse, AccellosOne 3PL, Prophesy Dispatch, Leading ERP systems, and SQL compliant data

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Download the Product Brochure