Are you looking for an easier way to transfer incoming shipments to outgoing trailers without storing them for prolonged periods of time? If the answer is yes, this is the solution for you.

The ProphesySeries Cross Docking and Reconsolidation module rapidly consolidates shipments from disparate sources and realize economies of scale in outbound transportation. This module eliminates the inventory-holding function of a warehouse while still allowing it to serve its consolidation and shipping functions.

Additionally, this powerful solution can dynamically route shipments through one or more terminal locations, define locations as eligible for cross-docking, define default pickup and drop terminals for a customer, display activity to and from any terminal location, and search and view all loads through which a given shipment is cross-docked – all the while saving your company time and money.

Click here to read about how Delaware Valley Wholesale fl­­­­orist, Inc. located in Sewell, NJ was able to use the ProphesySeries Cross Docking and reconsolidation module to organize their business and save labor costs.

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