3PL Customer Visibility

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One of the most common requests that 3PLs receive from their customers is that they want to be able ot see their inventory whenever they desire.  In addition, that inventory record must be accurate and up to date, sometimes by the minute, in order for the customer to be satisfied.

A recent survey of 3PL providers determined that the cost of customer service error is somewhere between $50 and $75 per issue. The reality is that many of these costs can be avoided through better technology.   By providing customers with real time information on orders, inventory and services, the AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL platform helps you drive down the cost of customer service while improving customer experience and retention. 


The client visibility portal, or eVista, provides your customers real-time inventory levels, product history (including any “point in time” snapshots), inbound and outbound histories, and item master information all with filtering and drill down capabilities that your customers expect from rich internet applications. It also allows you to attach relevant documents to orders or accounts, such as, Bills of Lading or Invoices.

The customer portal also contains the ability for your customers to automatically schedule queries by email and have the results sent in Excel format at any predetermined frequency to any recipients (avoiding the need to repeatedly return to the portal).   Additionally, Accellos’ web portal provides full image retrieval of any document produced in your clients customized workflow process and is automatically linked to the related transaction, including invoices.

Key features of the client visibility portal include:

  • Real time inventory and historical information on receipts, orders, items and invoices
  • Custom reports created by you using our reporting tool and published to your customers account
  • Automated report delivery by email scheduled by your customer online
  • Document look up and retrieval (automatically linked to every transaction without scanning)
  • Online receipt and order entry for non-EDI equipped customers
  • Customers can give access to their customers to reduce their cost of doing business

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