EDI Gateway

Download the Product BrochureToday’s increasingly competitive global ecosystem places a premium on electronically transacting business.  Companies like yours are realizing that the greatest opportunity lies where your organization intersects with your community of business associates.  Moving from manual interaction to electronic interaction can drive productivity increases, labor reductions, improvements in accuracy and customer service, and better relationships with key suppliers.  All of these drive costs lower and result in higher profits.

AccellosOne Nexus is an EDI solution that helps you build a collaborative, real-time trading partner network that accelerates adoption of standards and drives overall compliance while streamlining operations.  It provides instant access to inbound and outbound documents, with details and document history of every revision the document has undergone.  Based upon Microsoft’s BizTalk Server, the communication gateway is robust and can be deployed on premise or in the cloud.

AccellosOne Nexus is simple to implement and integrates with many ERPs. Since it’s built on the Microsoft .Net and Silverlight platform the user feels at home in a familiar environment.  In addition, AccellosOne Nexus integrates with the full AccellosOne supply chain suite of solutions. Check out a case study or two and see how AccellosOne Nexus performs in the real world. 

Key Features:

  • Scalable, Robust Communications Gateway
  • Intuitive Experience
  • Hands Free or Interactive
  • Extensive Integrative Adaptors

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Download the Product Brochure