EDI for Microsoft Dynamics® AX

Built exclusively for Microsoft Dynamics AX, TrueCommerce EDI for AX provides the highest level of depth for EDI document integration, accommodates your unique AX environment, and scales effectively with your business.  TrueCommerce EDI for AX is embedded within your ERP so your team will find that it’s easy to implement and easy to use resulting in higher productivity.  Get started with a turnkey solution that will streamline your EDI processes and enable your organization to onboard partners quickly and seamlessly for the lowest total cost of ownership. 

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Scalable Architecture

TrueCommerce’s EDI for Microsoft Dynamics AX solution is built to scale with your business and
adapt to your specific AX implementation. TrueCommerce includes turnkey integration for over 20 unique EDI
documents commonly exchanged with customers, suppliers and logistics partners. EDI for Microsoft Dynamics AX solution is built to scale with your business and adapt to your specific AX implementation.

  • Seamless integration: Built exclusively for Dynamics AX, the TrueCommerce EDI solution inherits customizations written within the AX base classes for your specific AX implementation, eliminating costly customization of your EDI solution.
  • Designed for high volume throughput: Rather than taking a linear approach for EDI document integrations, we designed a robust multi-threaded integration engine that offers the highest level of scalability and document throughput.
  • Easy updates and upgrades: Feature updates and AX upgrades are easily deployed and included at no cost to our customers resulting in long-term benefit and reliability.

Ease of Use and Flexibility

Because our EDI solution is embedded within Microsoft Dynamics AX, it minimizes time to productivity and provides a familiar user experience for your business users managing EDI.

  • Familiar environment: Business users have one interface for daily processing: Microsoft Dynamics AX. All users need to understand is the business relationships with your trading partners;not the underlying complexity of EDI.
  • No technical knowledge required: Your users leverage our intuitive EDI control center directly within Dynamics AX to define business rules including built-in configuration options designed specifically for AX.
  • Manage by exception: The TrueCommerce EDI solution enables your organization to automate all of the EDI document workflows within AX while managing only the exceptional scenarios as they are identified. We deliver summary reports as documents are processed, including intuitive exception reports that are triggered based off configurable business rules.
  • Flexible and extensible toolset: If you prefer to have the flexibility to author or modify the TrueCommerce pre-built trading partner maps, you can leverage our industry-standard mapping tool rather than having to learn a proprietary translator tool..

Speed of Onboarding New Partners

TrueCommerce manages onboarding new trading partners, ensuring compliance and standardization across your business partner community.

  • Standardization and preset rules: Because of the turnkey nature of our product and repeatable implementation processes, TrueCommerce requires a lower initial investment to implement.
  • Faster onboarding: Preconfigured maps and label formats from our global trading partner network expedites the process of onboarding new business partners.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

The TrueCommerce turnkey solution consistently delivers the lowest total cost of ownership for our customer community.

  • Lower initial investment: Because of the turnkey nature of our product and repeatable implementation processes, Accellos requires a lower initial investment to implement.
  • Scalable for high-growth business: We support direct connect exchanges (i.e. AS2, FTP, FTP/s) which allows your organization to exchange high volumes of documents without incurring any transaction fees.
  • Ongoing compliance, maintenance, and support: Accellos does not charge for support incidents or mapping changes as your trading partner community dictates changes to compliance requirements.

If you’d like to understand how the TrueCommerce approach optimizes EDI performance for Microsoft Dynamics AX users, download our Optimizing EDI for Dynamics AX white paper.

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