Event Management

Download the Product BrochureThe supply chain industry is made up of events. Businesses buy, sell, ship, and maneuver goods on a daily basis to achieve the operational efficiencies which drive profitability. Traditionally, margin erosion happens through small exceptions in this process that can’t be efficiently captured and corrected.

AccellosOne Event provides an easy to use and powerful tool to help capture events and provide relevant information to users to reduce correction time, increase responsiveness, and automate normal business operations.  AccellosOne Event captures every event that happens within the

AccellosOne product portfolio and provides an interface to filter through popular events, setup predefined filters, create useful notifications via email, SMS, or through your workspace browser.

AccellosOne Event puts you into the areas where you can affect your business efficiently, delivering information that is vital to the success of your organization where it is needed in real-time!  Check out our case studies and white papers to see how AccellosOne performs in the real world.  Each page has several options to connect with a knowledgeable consultant if you have questions.

Key Features:

  • Flexibility in the Enterprise
  • Drive Enterprise Behavior
  • Ease of Integration

Download the Product Brochure