Data Services

Loosely coupled systems have created a new category of products generally referred to as “master data management”. These tools provide the user with a central repository for key information like:

  • Campus
  • Locations
  • Doors
  • Zones
  • Bins
  • Item Groups
  • Items
  • Unit of Measure

By utilizing our AccellosOne Data Services system, we provide the tools to centrally manage information that may be used by multiple loosely coupled solutions like a WMS, Dock Door Scheduling or 3PL Billing systems.

Data Services gives both visibility and functional utility to this key information eliminating the need to manually synchronize between disparate systems.

Key Capabilities:

  • Seamless integration to key systems to populate and synchronize Data Services information
  • Simple visibility into the current set of shared information
  • Intuitive means to centrally maintain shared information