AccellosOne Platform
AccellosOne Platform


Platform 3.0

Accelerating Return on Investment both for Accellos and our customer by leveraging common technologies and experiences to make adoption of new solutions more rapid and predictable.

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The future of supply chain technology

A powerful platform driving the solution suite required to fulfill the current and future needs of your business


  • Breadth and Value: a full featured environment focused on the supply chain and driving broad opportunities for supply chain management and automation
  • Simple and Supportable: Much more self-aware with fewer layers to install, deploy, and configure
  •  Powerful and Unified: common user experience and capabilities driving value to the bottom line through increased adoption and ease of use
  • Extensible to the exponential factor:  leverage the tailoring features of the platform to drive meaningful improvements to both the user experience and the underlying workflow design of the system

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AccellosOne Platform

Gartner, in their 2012 Research Outlook for Application Integration, defines composite application integration as:

“Composite application integration creates a new, unified solution from a set of independent programs and services that have heterogeneous information architectures. Despite the heterogeneity of these components, the composite application is meant to be perceived by its users as indivisible.”

The AccellosOne Platform is a Composite Application Framework that delivers a series of highly productive system services, a visualization layer ensuring a consistent user experience across a wide variety of applications and a software development environment that supports rapid application development. Built with the latest in Microsoft technologies, the AccellosOne Platform leverages XAML, the presentation technology at the core of the upcoming Windows 8, to provide a Microsoft Office caliber user experience inside a browser. Each of the AccellosOne solutions are accessed via the Platform as a fully participating “native” application. Browser-based third party applications can also be delivered via the Platform as a “docked” application thus creating a fully immersive environment that greatly simplifies the users overall daily activities. The Platform ensures that the end user can move seamlessly between WMS, TMS and EDI applications and efficiently manage their supply chain from a single, uniform dashboard. Accellos has utilized the power of the AccellosOne Platform to not only migrate key aspects of the acquired technologies, but also to develop ten new “native” applications that complement and extend its overall capabilities.

The AccellosOne Platform encompasses a broad array of services, including:

  • Multi-tenant support
  • Localization and translation
  • Event notification
  • Context sensitive video tutorial service
  • Unlimited user defined field support
  • Role based authentication and authorization
  • License services
  • Flexible identity claims
  • Label printing service
  • Reporting service

Data Services

Data Services gives both visibility and functional utility to this key information eliminating the need to manually synchronize between disparate systems.

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Event Management

AccellosOne Event provides an easy to use and powerful tool to help capture events and provide relevant information to users to reduce correction time, increase responsiveness, and automate normal business operations.

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Integration Framework

The AccellosOne Integration Framework provides a services based means of exchanging key information between an Accellos solution, like our WMS, and a third party solution, like an ERP system.

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Self Service Reporting

By surfacing common SSRS functions within the AccellosOne user experience, Report simplifies the job of controlling the reports and options available to both their internal and external audiences.

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User Experience

AccellosOne Workspace provides an unrivaled level of flexibility in designing a user experience focused on driving productivity, improving consistency, and bringing together your array of warehouse applications.

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