EDI for Microsoft Dynamics® GP

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  • Built exclusively for Microsoft Dynamics GP® – Unlike any competitive option
  • Designed for ease-of-use – Turn-key solution simplifies your day-to-day EDI management
  • Modular based packaging – Purchase and implement only the functionality you need
    • Order-to-cash – Automates EDI document exchanges used to orchestrate the order-to-cash processes starting with inbound orders from your customers.
    • Procure-to-pay – Automates EDI document exchanges used to orchestrate the procure-to-pay processes starting with releasing orders to your supplier community. 
    • Remote warehouse – Automates EDI document exchanges used when outsourcing a portion or all of your distribution to a 3PL
  • Automated EDI Workflows offers true management by exception – Unattended processing automates your integration jobs based on a flexible scheduler
  • Cloud enabled architecture – All EDI communications and translation components are managed in an industry leading EDI cloud network versus in your IT infrastructure
  • Managed service eliminates EDI mapping and custom coding – As your business partners dictate changes to their EDI compliance requirements and GS1 labels, our team performs the requisite updates as part of our standard support program with no additional fees incurred
  • Proven implementation methodology minimizes risk – Accellos maintains an industry specific implementation methodology designed to minimize risk and provide for a successful implementation
  • Supply chain expertise extends beyond EDI – Accellos is the leading provider of end-to-end supply chain execution solutions for small and mid-market companies
  • Hundreds of customers are running Accellos EDI solution for Dynamics GP

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More info about EDI for Microsoft Dynamics GP 

AccellosOne EDI for Dynamics GP is a comprehensive, embedded system for processing EDI transactions inside of Microsoft Dynamics GP Sales Order and Purchase Order Processing modules. Its unique ability to help you streamline and manage EDI workflow means your employees process orders efficiently and with greater accuracy.  Automate your fulfillment process, receipt and distribution processes by creating electronic ship notices and UCC-128 bar code labels.  AccellosOne EDI for Dynamics GP has an extensive library with over 1000+ Trading Partner Kits to streamline your implementation and reduce your time to Go Live!  These Trading Partner Kits contain standard templates for all required documents by a trading partner and make sure the necessary documents are being exchanged with your business partners (850, 810, 856, etc).

AccellosOne EDI for Dynamics GP takes advantage of the Microsoft Dynamics GP architecture to provide the highest level of integration possible and automate workflows, effectively eliminating the need for double data entry between your ERP and EDI systems.  Since AccellosOne EDI for Dynamics GP is built directly into your ERP system, your employees will open Microsoft Dynamics GP with EDI orders already entered into the system, EDI acknowledgements or invoices created, or with orders flagged for your review.  The Accellos EDI Import Process will automatically create sales orders with Dynamics GP.  Along with the Accellos EDI Exception Report Notes, any errors are captured in the notes field of the associated sales order until they can be attended to by management.  With this integration style you get the advantage of giving your employees a familiar user interface so training them on your new EDI system will be a breeze!

AccellosOne EDI for Microsoft Dynamics GP integrates with the full AccellosOne supply chain suite of solutions.  There are several case studies and white papers available to discover how AccellosOne EDI for Microsoft Dynamics GP performs in the real world.  Every page has several options to connect with a knowledgeable consultant if you have questions.


Key Features:

  • Superior support, service, and implementation based on hundreds of customer installs
  • Create unique trading partner specific business rules using cross reference tables
  • Send and receive purchase orders, sales orders, invoices , and advanced shipping notices inside Microsoft Dynamics® GP
  • Library of more than 1,000 Trading Partner Kits which are built specifically for Microsoft Dynamics GP and the Gentran translator
  • ASN Manager
  • AS2 Communications
  • Accellos VTN