EDI for Microsoft Dynamics® AX

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  • Built For Microsoft Dynamics AX® – Leverage our familiar and easy-to-use user interface for defining business rules with built-in configuration options designed specifically for AX
  • Configurable business rules enhance processing speed and accuracy Familiar AX look and feel minimizes time to productivity and enhances utility
  • Scalable for high-growth business – The unlimited trading partner option provides a fixed cost alternative as your enterprise expands your EDI community.  We also support direct connect exchanges (i.e. AS2, FTP, sFTP) which allows your organization to exchange high volumes of documents without incurring any transaction fees. 
  • World class service means you stay compliant – Accellos does not charge for support incidents or mapping changes as you modify your trading partners or they modify their requirements. 
  • Integrated with Accellos’ suite of products – Extend the native capabilities of AX further in supply chain execution and to enhance your return on investment for Dynamics AX

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More info about EDI for Microsoft Dynamics AX 

One of the most valuable aspects of Microsoft Dynamics AX is its ability to be customized for your business while also providing out of the box capabilities beyond corporate finance.  AccellosOne EDI for Microsoft Dynamics AX extend Microsoft Dynamics AX to provide EDI capability to cover most standard EDI transactions.  AccellosOne EDI for Microsoft Dynamics AX is the communications gateway that builds business’ trading partner relationships through electronic transactions.  AccellosOne EDI for Microsoft Dynamics AX was built exclusively for Dynamics AX to deliver the most flexible and easy to use EDI tool on the market.  This not only gives the user the familiar look and feel of Dynamics AX to minimize time to value, but also allows you to accommodate for modifications to your AX environment without requiring an expensive reprogramming of your mission critical EDI system.

With AccellosOne EDI for Microsoft Dynamics AX you can:

  • Manage EDI processing at multiple levels that are appropriate for your business and each of your business partners
  • Optimize and streamline operations by deploying management by exception strategies
  • Onboard new partners quickly and accurately in a fixed cost environment by leveraging Accellos’ Trading Partner Library
  • Easily accommodate changes on the fly without costly and time consuming customizations

AccellosOne EDI for Microsoft Dynamics AX  provides you with configurable business rules and cross references to set up “If…then” rules, or to tell the system when to flag orders for discrepancies such as price variances.  These flexible cross-references minimize configuration and ongoing maintenance, thereby reducing the implementation cycle and time to production.  Accellos’ comprehensive library of trading partner kits enables your organization to on-board new business partners quickly and cost effectively, whether they are customers or suppliers.

AccellosOne EDI for Microsoft Dynamics AX integrates with the full AccellosOne supply chain suite of solutions.  There are case studies and white papers available to discover how AccellosOne EDI for Microsoft Dynamics AX performs in the real world. Every page has several options to connect with a knowledgeable consultant if you have questions.

Key Features of the AccellosOne EDI for Microsoft Dynamics AX:

  • Purchase Order change management automatically updates AX sales orders based on client, company or trading partner level change event rules as trading partners request time sensitive changes to their orders
  • Service Allowance Charge (SAC) handling such as new store discounts and advertising can be captured at the order and line item level
  • Leverage our low-cost Value Added Network (VAN), your current network or our AS2 adaptor to control your data communication spend
  • Automated document processing enables your organization to gain workflow efficiencies
  • Unlimited trading partner options control ongoing cost for trading partner on-boarding
  • Minimizes the ongoing and arduous task of maintaining compliance with your trading partners
  • Maintenance fee provides unlimited support and software updates; including updates for new Dynamics AX releases
  • Fully Integrated with AccellosOne Warehouse, or available API for other systems for ASN processing