Retail Compliance White Paper Released by Accellos

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Retail Compliance White Paper Released by Accellos

New white paper examines Leveraging Technology to Exceed Big Box Retailers’ Expectations 

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado – June 24, 2013 – Accellos, a leading provider of supply chain execution software solutions, today announced the launch of a new white paper, “Retail Compliance: Leveraging technology to exceed big box retailers’ expectations.”


The white paper examines the challenges faced by small and medium size businesses that distribute products to major retailers. The white paper discusses how developing a strong distribution capability across EDI, fulfillment and shipping can help consumer product companies increase sales to retailers and avoid painful chargebacks for compliance errors.  The paper introduces the concept of “Efficient Compliance” where a retail supplier can simultaneously meet demanding retail compliance requirements and increase efficiency in distribution operations. 


“Accellos has hundreds of customers that ship to big box retailers.  These customers use our EDI, warehouse management (WMS) and shipping solutions to manage the complexity of retail distribution compliance,” said Chad Collins, Accellos General Manager and CMO.  “We have harnessed Accellos’ expertise in this area to provide the industry this whitepaper to help suppliers to retailers manage distribution operations and compliance requirements.”


This whitepaper is free and available for download at:


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