Quality Refrigerated Services Enhances Operations with Cloud-based 3PL Solution from Accellos

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AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL Allows Quality Refrigerated Services to Customize Services, Streamline Billing Practices

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado – February 04, 2014 – Accellos, a leading provider of supply chain execution software solutions, has issued a case study of AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL Cloud customer Quality Refrigerated Services, Inc. This case study illustrates the benefits experienced by Quality Refrigerated Services since upgrading from AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL to Accellos’ Cloud-based 3PL service.

Quality Refrigerated Services currently operates three facilities, with 80 percent of its stored inventory represented by beef and pork. In early 2013, Quality Refrigerated Services upgraded from AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL to Accellos’ new managed services solution, which runs in the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud in order to increase revenues, streamline inventory management, accelerate kitting processes, automate software upgrades, and customize billing.

According to Quality Refrigerated Services, Executive Vice President, Michael Amundson, “it required very little from us in terms of systems and manpower. It provided a powerful software platform that could accommodate virtually any identifiable need. It also offered an opportunity to establish a much more flexible and efficient billing process: identifying and capturing charges is critical in the public warehousing business and Accellos excelled in that area.”  The company has now “entered a trouble-free environment that has improved flexibility, security and productivity across the company,” says Amundson.

“We’re thrilled to announce Quality Refrigerated Services’ success with AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL in the Cloud,” explained Joe Couto, Senior Vice President & 3PL General Manager, Accellos. “Quality Refrigerated Services is a wonderful example of a customer that has benefited from our solution which is specifically built for 3PL operations.  Additionally, the cloud version of the system allows Quality Refrigerated Services to focus on their operations and trust the technical administration to Accellos.”

To learn more about the benefits of AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL in the Cloud, read the full case study online, at:   http://www.accellos.com/casestudies/quality-refrigerated-services-inc/

About AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL Solution
The AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL platform is an integrated technology platform to address all the critical components of a multi-client 3PL operation. The system was designed by seasoned 3PL professionals with experience working in multi-client 3PL operations. The AccellosOne 3PL Enterprise 3PL platform contains rich functionality developed over 20 years of working with multi-client 3PL operations, and has gone through continuous technology updates to ensure it is easy to support and has a low total cost of ownership. Key capabilities of the software include: 3PL Warehouse Management (WMS)Customer VisibilityBilling ManagementSupply Chain IntelligenceDocument ManagementShipping, Fleet Management and Trading Partner Integration (EDI).


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