Prophesy Releases Next Generation of Best-Selling Truck Dispatch Software

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Key enhancements include trailer washout tracking, new Alert Center, additional email features, more

Bloomfield, CT – Sept 16, 2009 – Prophesy Transportation Solutions, Inc., an Accellos company, today launched the next generation of its best-selling DispatchSeries trucking software.  Prophesy DispatchSeries Version 6 packs all of the flexibility, power, and affordability users have come to expect from Prophesy… paired with a bevy of enhancements built upon feedback from active users and key industry trends.  This release also includes user-friendly enhancements to popular features within the system.

“DispatchSeries version 6 is our most powerful release to date,” said Prophesy Vice President Bill Ashburn.  “In addition to regularly planned development, we have included several requested improvements that we are excited to share with our user base.  The Prophesy Team continuously strives to make Dispatch more robust and efficient for our users.  We are grateful to our active community of users whose constructive feedback makes this possible.”

Some key features and enhancements present in Prophesy DispatchSeries version 6 are:

  • Brokerage Configuration – The system can now be configured specifically for a non-asset-based organization.  Using this configuration, any items irrelevant to brokerage operations (Driver, Trailer, and Tractor master files, asset reports, etc.) are replaced with brokerage-specific alternatives.
  • Enhanced Load Scheduler – In addition to assigned and enroute loads, the Load Scheduler now depicts completed loads.  Users are able to view up to eight days of load history in the Load Scheduler.
  • Last Commodity Tracking – The system automatically tracks the last commodity hauled in a trailer and displays this information to the user at the time of load assignment.  If multiple commodities were hauled on a single load, all commodities are displayed.
  • Trailer Washouts – Track and document trailer washouts.  Alerts can be configured to notify users that a washout is required after hauling a specific commodity.  Information regarding the times, locations, and types of washouts that have been performed on each trailer is stored for reporting and alerting purposes.
  • Alert Center –A new Alert Center has been added allowing users to create custom alerts to enforce business rules and monitor driver appointments (in addition to standard alerts present in earlier versions of the system).  These custom alerts appear when a rule is violated or a metric falls outside a defined threshold, as in the case of excess deadhead percentage on a load or insufficient revenue per loaded mile.  Driver alerts appear in cases such as when a driver’s time off, CDL expiration, or physical exam date is approaching or has passed.  Users can configure personalized alerts that are relevant to their company role.
  • Enhanced Email and PDF functionality – Convert an on-screen report to PDF format and attach it to an email in one click!  Additionally, users have the ability to create groups of email recipients and quickly select one or more groups when addressing an email.