Prophesy Log Auditing Software Fully Compliant with New HOS Regulations

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Bloomfield, CT – November 19, 2008 – Following Tuesday’s press release issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) announcing a final rule governing Hours of Service regulations for commercial motor vehicle drivers, Prophesy Transportation Solutions, Inc. today announced that its industry-leading driver log auditing software, Prophesy LogPlus, remains fully equipped to handle the current HOS regulations.

Today’s announcement is intended to address the concerns of many trucking companies that have so far avoided the purchase of log audit software in anticipation of regulation changes, believing broad changes to the rules may render their software obsolete.  With the FMCSA’s newly published “Final Rule”, Prophesy is confident in the ability of LogPlus to handle each of its requirements today and in the future.

“We take great pride in keeping our compliance software solutions such as LogPlus, up to date with all current commercial vehicle driver regulations,” said Bill Ashburn, Prophesy/Accellos Vice President.  “Our users rely on us to uphold that level of accuracy.  As an incentive to trucking companies that desire the many benefits of log auditing software but have delayed their purchasing decision amid concerns of potential rule changes, we are offering a 25% discount on all new LogPlus purchases until the end of December 2008.”

Prophesy LogPlus is designed to help trucking companies check for and record all driver log violations, including speeding violations, exceeding available hours, mileage discrepancies, log falsification, cumulative violations, and other trucking company rules and DOT regulations.  LogPlus users can also track driver toll and fuel receipts, check reported miles against a comprehensive mileage & routing database for related violations, and print several reports as well as compliance letters for drivers.  The software is fully compliant with the current DOT Hours of Service rules, including Safety and Regulatory Compliance 49 CFR Part 395.