Prophesy Enhances Messaging Capabilities in Industry-Preferred TrackerDispatch Software

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Time-saving tools, intuitive integrations added to Message Center Function

BLOOMFIELD, Connecticut – November 3, 2010 – Prophesy Transportation Solutions, Inc. (an Accellos division), provider of trucking and logistics software solutions to the transportation industry, has announced the newest enhancements to their TrackerDispatch software.

TrackerDispatch is an enhanced, GPS-enabled option of Prophesy’s industry-preferred DispatchSeries trucking software solution.  The new TrackerDispatch Message Center contains functionality that gives dispatchers and drivers the ability to communicate openly with one another via PeopleNet® and Qualcomm® in-cab GPS devices.  The center also allows users to manage and monitor two-way mobile communication through an organized and user-friendly system.

The improved TrackerDispatch Message Center:

  • Exchanges text messages between dispatchers and drivers’ in-cab PeopleNet® and Qualcomm® devices
  • Plots truck locations on the system map
  • Views the current location of a highlighted mobile device
  • Offers the option to request a read receipt on all sent messages
  • Enables users to view messages or replies for each device
  • Flashes a red alert to indicate when new messages have been received
  • Allows dispatchers to access tractor or driver master files from the Message Center for quick reference

“The most recent TrackerSeries enhancements will open lines of two-way communication between dispatchers and drivers, which will help trucking and brokerage companies save money, work more efficiently, and improve their bottom line,” said Prophesy Vice President Bill Ashburn.

About Prophesy TrackerDispatch

Prophesy TrackerDispatch pinpoints truck locations and then processes this information to report accurate departures, arrivals, missed appointments, planned and unplanned stops, out of route miles, mileage by state, detention time alerts, and rolling ETA’s for your entire fleet, by linking directly to the Prophesy Dispatch System, allowing your trucking company, brokerage, or private fleet to Dispatch by exception.