Prophesy Announces Prophesy Dispatch Compatible with Newly Released Version of PC*Miler

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Integration of Prophesy Dispatch and PC*Miler allows users to take advantage of PC*Miler options including driving methods, toll road avoidance, hazmat considerations and more

BLOOMFIELD, Connecticut – June 28, 2011: Prophesy Transportation Solutions, Inc. announced today that its industry leading Prophesy Dispatch transportation management system is fully compatible with ALK Technologies’ newly released PC*Miler Version 25.

Prophesy users have the ability to interface their Prophesy Dispatch system with PC*Miler to calculate mileage and generate routes for trips as well as for rating and reporting purposes. The system can be configured to use PC*Miler’s “national”, “practical”, and “shortest distance” driving methods and takes advantage of PC*Miler’s various other options such as toll road avoidance and hazmat considerations.

Through its partnership with ALK Technologies, Prophesy is able to offer special pricing on PC*Miler as well as the convenience of a single point of purchase for both Prophesy Dispatch and PC*Miler.

“The integration between Prophesy Dispatch and PC*Miler adds a great deal of value to both solutions,” said Prophesy Vice President Bill Ashburn. “Our relationship with ALK Technologies allows us to not only give our users full rein of PC*Miler’s capabilities directly from their Prophesy Dispatch interface, but also to offer this powerful solution to our users at a significantly discounted rate in a convenient one-stop shop. We are excited to have been a longtime partner of ALK and look forward to working together long into the future.”

In addition to PC*Miler, Prophesy Dispatch interfaces with Prophesy’s own commercial mileage, routing and mapping solution, Prophesy Mileage & Routing.