Prophesy Adds Training and Implementation Consultant to Professional Services Team

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Steve Knauber Brings 11 Years Prophesy Product Knowledge to Training and Consulting Position

Bloomfield, CT – July 21, 2009 – Prophesy Transportation Solutions, Inc., an Accellos company, a provider of trucking and logistics software solutions to the transportation industry, has added a new Training and Implementation Consultant to its Professional Services Team.

Steve Knauber, an 11-year veteran of Prophesy technical support and product demonstration, has been selected for the position. In this role he will conduct training courses on the Prophesy DispatchSeries software at the Bloomfield-based University of Accellos training facility as well as travel to customer sites to assist Prophesy users firsthand with training and implementation.

“I am invigorated by my new role on the Professional Services Team,” said Knauber. “My favorite part of my support role has always been helping users to get the most out of their Prophesy software. Now I enjoy the more ‘hands-on’ responsibility of preparing them for successful implementation from day one. It is truly gratifying to witness how Prophesy Dispatch can immediately make a difference in any trucking operation.”

“Steve’s years of experience with Prophesy DispatchSeries software in both technical and implementation areas gives him a unique perspective that I was determined to bring to our team,” said Prophesy Director of Training and Implementation, Miriam Vella. “His expertise, deep understanding of trucking specifics, and down-to-earth approach have already made him a standout Implementation Consultant.”

Parties interested in scheduling advanced Prophesy software training with Steve Knauber or another Training and Implementation Consultant may call 800.776.6706 or email

About the University of Accellos, Prophesy Campus

At the University of Prophesy, you will find a training program designed to help you implement your software effectively….rather than simply showing you what it can do.

Why the University of Prophesy is so effective! Our approach to training:

By working with trucking companies and private fleets of all shapes and sizes for more than 20 years, the Prophesy Team has learned that no two trucking operations are exactly alike. This is a guiding principal for the team of expert instructors at the University of Prophesy.

We work with your staff to help you get the most out of your Prophesy Software investment by helping you implement the program in a way that best suits the way you do business. We use your databases, your customer files, your codes and reporting preferences. When you come to the University of Prophesy… it’s all about making the Prophesy system work for you!