Prophesy Adds Cross-Docking, Reconsolidation Functionality to DispatchSeries Software

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Enhancements allow more control over independent routing of shipments

BLOOMFIELD, Connecticut – January 14, 2010 – Prophesy Transportation Solutions, Inc., an Accellos company, today announced the addition of cross-docking and reconsolidation functionality to its DispatchSeries trucking software.  The new features allow shipments to be independently reallocated to new loads once enroute, enabling transportation companies to meet complex logistics objectives and customer requirements.

“In the current economy, companies are increasingly searching for additional sources of revenue, including the addition of LTL shipping services,” said Bill Ashburn, Prophesy Vice President.  “The latest enhancements of Prophesy Dispatch will give many transportation companies the capabilities needed to take advantage of these additional opportunities and give them the most possible value from their software.”

New cross-docking and reconsolidation features of Prophesy Dispatch:

  • Dynamically route shipments through one or more terminal locations
  • Define any location as eligible for cross-docking
  • Define default pickup and drop terminals for a customer
  • Display activity to and from any terminal location
  • Search and view all loads through which a given shipment is cross-docked
  • New user interfaces, Dispatch Board views, and reports