PROFITsystems Featured on TNT’s “Save Our Business” Episode

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The latest episode of TNT’s hit show consults with the industry experts at PROFITsystems to save a furniture retailer’s future


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado – March 27, 2014 –Accellos, a leading provider of supply chain execution and retail software solutions, today announced that the company is featured in the latest episode of TNT’s show “Save Our Business”. The show focuses on Peter Jones, a British entrepreneur and businessman, as he travels across America offering his expertise to turnaround small businesses that are struggling.  This episode of “Save Our Business” centers on Far Below Retail, a furniture store in Santa Ana, California owned by Bryce and Nate Ball.


The show brought on Accellos retail experts from its PROFITsystems product line to act as secret shoppers and consultants to find areas in which the business was struggling.  PROFITsystems also donated the RETAILvantage software solution, a cloud-based retail management system specifically designed for the retail furniture and home goods market.  The software features key performance indicators and metrics that provide analytics on the business’ performance that allow for faster decisions supported by data and customer behavior.


“If people would not deliver furniture with the same trucks their parents and grandparents used, why would they rely on the same business processes from that generation?” said PROFITsystems Vice President of Professional Services and Support, Joanne Gulnac. “Technology offers so many benefits from faster and better ordering processes, to monitoring the performance of every item, manufacturer, category and salesperson on the floor, which provides in depth business intelligence the right decisions can be made.” 


“Many of the mistakes being made were small ones that sneak up over time and grow from a little nuisance into a major issue,” added Shelley Parlin, PROFITsystems Vice President of Marketing and Business Development.


To watch a preview, click here:


To watch the full episode, tune into TNT on March 27th, 11/10c or visit the show’s website to watch the show online:


About PROFITsystems

PROFITsystems is the leading total solutions provider for the home goods and furniture industry. Key components of their retail solutions include enterprise software, consulting, performance groups, advanced education, group-buying freight programs, eCommerce and business intelligence. PROFITsystems’ flagship product, RETAILI, features real-time inventory management, customer relations management, point-of-sale, and accounting systems. For additional information on PROFITsystems, an Accellos product, please visit their website at: