Meiborg Brothers, Inc. Saves Time and Sees Quick ROI with Prophesy Dispatch

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Meiborg Brothers, Inc. Saves Time and Sees Quick ROI with Prophesy Dispatch

Case study illustrates how Illinois carrier transitions smoothly from pen and paper to full efficiency with Prophesy Dispatch and Prophesy IFTA.


COLORADO SPRING, Colorado – October 17, 2012 – Accellos, a leading provider of supply chain execution software solutions, has issued a case study of Prophesy Transportation Software customer Meiborg Brothers, Inc. Owner Zach Meiborg, explains how the Rockford, IL carrier has saved time and has seen a complete return on investment in only one month after purchasing Prophesy Dispatch and Prophesy’s International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) solution.


Meiborg Brothers, Inc., located in Rockford, IL, was founded in 1981 by father and son duo William and Bill Meiborg. At that time, they employed only two drivers contracting with the United States Postal Service. Shortly after the company’s founding, they expanded the business and purchased more equipment. The duo also increased their employee count to 41 employees. Most recently, Meiborg Brothers, Inc. acquired another company, adding 11 more power units to their total fleet size.


Previous to a software system, the company used manual methods including pen and paper. “We had used whiteboards to create something that turned out to be almost identical to the Prophesy load schedule screen as our primary source of reference,” said Zach Meiborg, Meiborg Brothers owner. The staff also used Quickbooks® for all of their accounting needs.


Zach Meiborg searched for the perfect dispatching solution by researching a number of competing companies. “I looked around for a while but I knew exactly what we wanted from the beginning,” Zach explained. Over the years, Senior Sales Manager Jay Votzakis had stayed in contact with Meiborg Bros, consistently checking in to make sure everything was going well. Zach talked with Votzakis and attended a live demonstration of the Prophesy Dispatch solution. Zach continued, “Jay was quick to get back to me about solution options. He was also willing to help us determine exactly what we needed and was very reasonable price.”


The company purchased a 2-user version of Prophesy Dispatch 6.2 with SQL, including modules for driver management, commercial mileage and routing and IFTA fuel tax reporting in February of 2011. The company was so happy with their purchase that they also added user seats in March of 2012. “Thanks to Jay’s great customer service and unparalleled efforts to keep in touch, we decided to move forward with purchasing a full version of Prophesy Dispatch,” Zach states. 


Overall, Meiborg Brothers chose Prophesy Dispatch because of the solution’s simple interface, ability to quickly streamline business, and reasonable price. The company has benefited greatly from investing in Prophesy Dispatch; the solution has totally streamlined their operation. “Now that all of the company’s data is off of the whiteboard and built into the solution, our staff only has to enter data once. It’s all streamlined and saves so much time. Not to mention, with the IFTA software’s capabilities it has easily paid for itself,” Zach explained. He also shared that the company has saved 15 man hours a week thanks to the Prophesy Dispatch and 10 man hours a week thanks to Prophesy’s IFTA Fuel Tax solution.

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