Frialsa Frigorificos Spans Mexico with 20 Regionally Oriented Warehouses, Operating Each with AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL Software in the Cloud

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Case study discusses how the company has seen significant gains after its implementation of AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL and leverages Accellos’ cloud managed services option to gain expertise and eliminate the need for an extensive internal information technology team

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado – September 4, 2012 – Accellos, a leading provider of supply chain execution software solutions, has issued a case study of Frialsa Frigorificos, a customer of Accellos’ third party logistics software, AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL. The case study discusses how the Mexico City-based third party logistics company has deployed AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL in all of its twenty temperature controlled warehouses with universally positive results, leveraging Accellos’ cloud managed services environment option to eliminate the need for an extensive internal information technology team. Following is a synopsis of the case study.


Frialsa Frigorificos was founded in 1983 as a single-facility resource for controlled temperature storage and management of perishable ingredients. Based in suburban Mexico City, the company is now ranked among the top-20 worldwide by the International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses (IARW).


Frialsa’s custom-programmed management software sufficed for years but was increasingly impacted by the company’s growth. The system was paper-dependent, so documents could be lost or mislaid, and manual entry errors could make their way into orders and inventory records. Efficiency sometimes suffered under increasing workloads and seasonal peaks.


Research narrowed Frialsa’s search from an initial pool of about 40 candidates to just two. AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL prevailed based on its power, flexibility, and control capabilities — as well as the availability of a hosted solution. The software answered all of Frialsa’s needs for streamlined receiving, putaway and stock maintenance, order fulfillment and quality assurance.


The AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL platform is an integrated technology platform to address all the critical components of a multi-client 3PL operation.  The system was designed by experienced 3PL professionals with experience working in multi-client 3PL operations.  The AccellosOne Platform contains rich functionality developed over 20 years of working with multi-client 3PL operations, and has gone through continuous technology updates to ensure it is easy to support and has a low total cost of ownership.


One warehouse recorded a 40 percent increase in volume with a 20 percent reduction in receiving, putaway and picking time and a negligible increase in staff. At another, electronic data availability cut the time for an inventory count by more than 50 percent, its cost by more than 80 percent. Yet another facility chopped its paper and printing costs by some 85 percent.

Other benefits identified by Frialsa after implementing AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL include:

  • Hosted cloud solution, requiring minimal I.T. staff
  • Service to 350+ clients in 20 warehouses
  • 700 AccellosOne users now qualified
  • Standardized warehouse configurations
  • RF-directed operations
  • Higher volumes, greater productivity
  • Standardized workflow practices
  • Precise inventory record maintenance
  • Integration with Oracle database
  • Client access to inventory records via EDI
  • Comprehensive reporting via d’Amigo
  • Reduced customer service requirements
  • Faster, less expensive cycle counting
  • Dramatically reduced paper and printing costs

“The Accellos solution has allowed us to deliver better and faster service and to provide our customers with more accessible, more detailed information,” said Gustavo Equihua, Frialsa’s Corporate Strategic Planning and Innovation Manager. “Meanwhile, we are seeing greater efficiency and productivity, perceptibly lower operating costs, and are managing the business better through the availability of more timely and accurate records. This will all be reflected in profitability, and we are sure there are still more benefits to come.”

“Frialsa has seen significant, measurable improvements at multiple facilities using AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL,” said Joe Couto, Senior Vice President of Accellos. “It is especially exciting that these results were achieved in a cloud based environment.”

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