Arthur Schuman, Inc. relies on Accellos Warehouse Management System’s seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics® GP

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Largest hard cheese company sees significant savings & accurate inventory thanks to AccellosOne WMS

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado – April 8, 2014 – Accellos, a leading provider of supply chain execution software solutions, today announced that it has issued a case study of Arthur
Schuman, Inc. This case study describes the benefits that Arthur Schuman has experienced since choosing AccellosOne Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) to integrate directly to
Microsoft Dynamics® GP. Arthur Schuman credits much of their success to the extensible log
tracking capabilities within AccellosOne WMS.

Arthur Schuman, Inc., the largest Italian‐style, hard cheese company in the United States,
suffered from inaccurate inventory counts before investing in AccellosOne Warehouse
Management System (WMS) that seamlessly integrates to their pre‐existing ERP, Microsoft
Dynamics GP. Arthur Schuman was up and running in no time and experiencing the following benefits with AccellosOne WMS:

  • Significant cost savings
  • Seamless inventory accuracy
  • Five‐week implementation
  • No interruption in business
  • Met the needs of large‐scale clientele
  • Full Microsoft Dynamics GP integration

To learn more about the benefits of AccellosOne Warehouse Management System with integration to Microsoft Dynamics GP, read the full case study online at‐schuman/

“Arthur Schuman is a great example of the power of AccellosOne Warehouse Management
Solutions. They were able to quickly implement the solution and seamlessly integrate it into their business,” said Chad Collins, General Manager & CMO, Accellos. ”We wish the team at Arthur Schuman all the best and are confident that they will prosper with the help of AccellosOne WMS with integration to Microsoft Dynamics GP.”

About AccellosOne WMS
AccellosOne Warehouse Management System acts as the hub of your supply chain solution,
integrating accounting/order and shipping software systems, electronic data interchange (EDI)
systems, business intelligence, radio frequency and barcode hardware, and warehouse
automation equipment. Combining radio frequency and barcode technology with a robust,
three‐tiered, Internet‐based architecture, AccellosOne Warehouse delivers a powerful, scalable
and flexible real‐time warehouse management system that helps you boost productivity, reduce
costs, shorten order fulfillment times, increase customer satisfaction and deliver a rapid return
on investment (ROI).

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