AccellosOne Transport seamlessly integrates with Plumrose USA’s homegrown ERP

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AccellosOne Transport seamlessly integrates with Plumrose USA’s homegrown ERP
Plumrose USA cuts costs and streamlines efficiency

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado – October 22, 2013 – Accellos, a leading provider of supply chain execution software solutions, has issued a case study of AccellosOne Transport customer Plumrose USA. The case study illustrates the benefits that Plumrose USA experienced once implementing AccellosOne Transport as well as the seamless integration between Plumrose’s homegrown ERP and Accellos’ Transportation Management Solution.  

Danish Crown AmbA, formed in 1970 and based in Denmark, is a large scale meat processing company that primarily works with ham, turkey, and beef products. Danish Crown has acquired several major slaughterhouses in Denmark over the years and is currently Europe’s largest pork and beef processing company, as well as the continent’s largest agricultural exporter. The company is the parent company of many corporations located across the world; including United States based Plumrose USA.

In 2008, the Plumrose team was ready to make some very important enhancements to their original processes. At the time, each of the multiple company locations employed one traffic controller and all processes were manual. The number one goal in adding enhanced functionality was to streamline all of the company’s transportation needs by centralizing all processes under one roof and cutting down on man hours.

In an effort to transition Plumrose USA out of their traditional ways and into more productive methods, Bingham set out on a search for an all in one transportation management solution. He described the initial process, “When I took a step back and looked at our situation from the outside, I knew that there had to be something out there to help us simplify and automate the operation.”

In May of 2010, Plumrose USA purchased AccellosOne Transport and began running it alongside their homegrown ERP. They also purchased AccellosOne Optimize with mileage and routing module included.

AccellosOne Transport has proven to be an effective solution for Plumrose USA. Since implementation, Plumrose has been able to streamline the company’s transportation processes across the board. “AccellosOne Transport is wonderful. We’ve severely cut down on the time and cost that it took to run our organization before we had the solution,” said Bingham. Plumrose has seen gains in efficiency as well as reductions in time and cost to run transportation processes. The company has also streamlined integration with their homegrown ERP, opened up opportunity for future adaptable integrations, and eliminated paper processes between their many offices.

When asked about Plumrose USA’s relationship with Accellos, Bingham went on to say, “Everyone is so helpful. We’ve set up training calls over the phone and Internet just to review additional features of AccellosOne Transport. We also like to set up time for new Plumrose employees to be trained on the system and each time, the Accellos team is more than happy to help us out.”

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