Accellos TMS v3.7 Launches with New Features

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Accellos, Inc. a leading provider of logistics, warehouse, 3PL, transportation, and mobile fleet management solutions, today announced the availability of Accellos TMS version 3.7. This latest release offers powerful new capabilities for carrier payments, tariff rating and discounting, international operations, and for eliminating duplicate effort by linking related probills traveling in the same load in a single master document.

Along with the new features, Accellos TMS 3.7 incorporates enhancements to all major functional elements of the system, yielding the most comprehensive and powerful transportation management system (TMS) currently available.

“Accellos TMS addresses the increasing complex needs of fleet operators and brokers for greater control, efficiency and cost-containment in detail,” said Ross Elliott, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. “With its new features and enhancements, version 3.7 continues to set the standard in transportation management software.”

Accellos TMS was the first transportation management solution to combine Less-Than-Truckload, Truckload, Pickup & Delivery (P&D) and Cartage functionality in a single solution. In addition to integrating all activities associated with transportation and freight management, it integrates industry-leading products for GPS and driver communication, document imaging, mileage engines and more, providing users with the ability to configure unique solutions to complex freight operations. New features in version 3.7 and their key functions include but are not limited to:

  • Pay by Truck – Valuable when multiple drivers use a truck owned by a third party; Accellos TMS 3.7 allows the customer to pay the truck owner rather than the drivers for work performed with the truck, with the owner then responsible for paying drivers.
  • Tariff Rating and Discounting – Supports rating systems such as Mars and TruRate as well as its own built-in rating structure. Custom rates set up in Accellos TMS supersede third party system rates.
  • Internationalization – Now supports currencies in addition to the standard Canadian and US dollars. The new feature allows users to rate and invoice in any currency as well as to export payables and receivables to their accounting software in their preferred currency. It also enables the set-up of each country of operation in terms of its currency, phone number formats and more.
  • Master Probills – Multiple probills for orders traveling together on a multi-leg trip with the same pickup and delivery locations can be linked within a master probill. Functions entered on the master document are automatically applied to the underlying individual probills, eliminating the need to enter the information on each one individually.

Among the new additions to Accellos TMS v3.7, many enhancements to existing features have been made, such as:

  • Additional EDI transaction sets
  • Mark-up rating options
  • Extended charge allocation options
  • Current truck location tracking via Qualcomm POSQUERY
  • Rating Engine enhancements (Rate Shipping Charges even with Non-Rateable Sets, and Manage
  • Surcharge Priorities by Charge)
  • Automated trip tenders and more

Machinery Link, Inc., the leading and fastest growing provider of equipment leasing programs to agricultural producers in North America, has upgraded to Accellos TMS v3.7. Starting with three combines in 2000, Machinery Link today maintains the largest private fleet of combines in use by nearly 1,000 farmers in more than 31 states and Canada.

“The new version of Accellos TMS builds on an already excellent transportation management platform to provide a new high in performance and functionality,” said Jim Bramlett, Vice President of Operations, where Accellos TMS has been in use since 2005. “Accellos TMS equipped us to accomplish more with less effort, to exert positive control over all phases of our transportation operations, to eliminate errors associated with manual activity, and to serve our customers better and faster. The new features in version 3.7 provide still greater efficiency and functionality, enabling us to maintain tighter control over both costs and delivery details.”

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MachineryLink, Inc., headquartered in Kansas City, MO is the leading and fastest growing provider of equipment leasing programs to agricultural producers in North America. Through MachineryLink’s unique Managed Lease program, farmers receive the benefits of improved asset management with guaranteed scheduled delivery, service and access to the latest technology for an optimized harvest. The company employs nearly 100 people, including regional sales managers, field service representatives, and operations, logistics, transportation and business professionals, all dedicated to serving the equipment needs of producers across North America. With its tremendous growth and farmer acceptance over the years, MachineryLink has become the preferred machinery resource for many producers. Nearly 98 percent of MachineryLink customers are so satisfied that they recommend the company and its services to their neighbors.


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