Accellos Releases White Paper to Help Microsoft Dynamics® Users Optimize EDI Performance

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Complimentary EDI for Microsoft Dynamics AX White Paper, available for download

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado – May 12, 2014 – Accellos, a leading provider of supply chain execution software solutions, today announced the release of its latest white paper, titled Optimizing EDI for Microsoft Dynamics AX, that focuses on how an EDI solution addresses the most common EDI challenges faced by AX users.

This white paper acknowledges the common challenges and solutions associated with managing EDI requirements, and explains how an ERP-specific EDI solution optimizes performance for Microsoft Dynamics AX users. 

The white paper also describes how an EDI solution, built exclusively for Microsoft Dynamics AX, can:

  • Streamline EDI processing and employee workflows
  • Reduce implementation costs and effort
  • Improve data integrity and synchronization
  • Provide scalability for organizations experiencing rapid growth
  • Deliver improved EDI throughput and reliable performance

“Today, most EDI providers deploy one application across multiple ERP platforms. Unfortunately, this often results in a solution that falls short in providing the necessary depth, flexibility, and ease of use that your organization requires when exchanging EDI documents across your business partner community,” said Michael Gross, Vice President, EDI & Supply Chain Essentials Group, Accellos.

“At Accellos, we have taken the approach to develop EDI solutions exclusively for a specific ERP product, which allows our customers to seamlessly integrate time sensitive business documents with their ERP. This newly released white paper gives an overview of the biggest challenges for Microsoft Dynamics AX users in optimizing EDI performance and offers solutions backed by extensive research and over 1,000 implementations,” said Chad Collins General Manager and CMO, Accellos.

The white paper is complimentary, and available for download at

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