Accellos Releases Case Study of ITS Logistics

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Nevada-based third party logistics provider and outdoor sports specialist experiences major growth using Accellos 3PL software

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado – December 7, 2011 – Accellos has released a case study of its customer ITS Logistics. The case study illustrates how the Nevada-based third party logistics provider specializing in the outdoor sports market has experienced major growth and success using Accellos’ 3PL system, AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL, as its software platform.

Following is a summary of the case study. The full study can be read at


A division of ITS Holding Company based in Reno, Nevada, ITS Logistics addressed the broad supply chain market during most of its first decade. Seeking a way to differentiate itself from an abundance of competitors, it has become a specialist in the outdoor sports industry.


As the company dealt with specialization, growth and the complex array of technology employed by its clients and their customers, the capabilities of the company’s previous 3PL software were challenged. Long in place, the software was falling behind technologically. Additionally, it was being phased out following an acquisition and a successor was far from ready.


After exploring top-tier 3PL systems, ITS selected AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL as the solution that would best serve the company’s goals. The solution also includes d’Amigo, an alerts and reporting tool; Visualize, which provides three-dimensional warehouse views to the bin level; eVista, an Internet-based customer self-service portal and Pulse, a key performance indicator generator.


  • In one light manufacturing example, ITS achieves a 48-hour fulfillment level through a 24/7 assembly process.
  • RF-directed pick-and-pack for another client achieves 99.95 percent shipping accuracy.
  • Data on inventory is now updated every time an item is touched, yielding more than 99 percent accuracy.
  • In one high-volume direct-to-consumer program, the company maintains 99.7 percent inventory accuracy and 99.8 percent shipping accuracy.

“Our clients’ customers have highly individual requirements for receiving products that we must observe with every delivery . . . We can tailor our operations for each client and its unique operations and execute their rules on the warehouse floor quickly and accurately,” said ITS Logistics Chief Operating Officer Darryl Bader.

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