Accellos Announces Partnership with Technology Consultancy West Monroe Partners

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Accellos Announces Partnership with Technology Consultancy West Monroe Partners

Accellos and West Monroe form partnership to deliver discrete engineered labor standards software solution to Accellos customers


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado – February 5, 2013Accellos, a leading provider of supply chain execution software solutions, today announced a partnership with West Monroe Partners, a full-service business and technology consultancy. The partnership enables Accellos to add West Monroe’s proprietary FLEXdls labor management software solution to Accellos’ existing suite of supply chain and workforce management tools.

West Monroe’s FLEXdls software solution was built by a team of experts in workforce optimization and supply chain management practices and was designed to apply engineering principles to logistics operations to improve productivity. Key benefits of the tool include enhanced operations management, decreased costs, improved performance, reduced absenteeism and turnover and higher customer satisfaction.

“Consulting with logistics professionals around the world, we saw a growing need to better manage labor costs to stay competitive in the global marketplace,” said Yves Belanger, director in West Monroe’s workforce optimization practice. “We developed FLEXdls with a specific focus on allowing logistics providers to implement labor management principles that deliver productivity improvements that are not only significant but also sustainable.  FLEXdls has unique features that allow it to meet the changing requirements of the 3PL industry in ways other solutions can’t.”

West Monroe’s FLEXdls solution has been integrated to the AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL product.  AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL software solution is specifically built for the unique needs of multi-client warehouse operations. The AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL platform is an integrated technology platform created to address all the critical components of a multi-client 3PL operation. The system was designed by seasoned 3PL professionals with experience working in multi-client 3PL operations. The AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL platform contains rich functionality developed over 20 years of working with multi-client 3PL operations, and has gone through continuous technology updates to ensure it is easy to support and has a low total cost of ownership. Key capabilities of the software include: 3PL Warehouse Management (WMS), Customer Visibility, Billing Management, Supply Chain Intelligence, Document Management, Shipping, Fleet Management and Trading Partner Integration (EDI).

“Our selection of West Monroe and Flex was based on two key factors, first the West Monroe team has a flawless track record for delivering their product,” said Joe Couto, Accellos Senior Vice President, & General Manager of 3PL Business Unit.  “The Flex product is a perfect extension of the AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL solution, designed to handle the dynamic needs of a multi-client facility.  The 3PL industry is continually adding customers that have unique needs and we need to have a solution that can easily accommodate varying business processes and labor standards that are discrete and not based on averages.”


About West Monroe

West Monroe Partners is a North American, business and technology consulting firm focused on guiding organizations through projects that fundamentally transform their business. With the experience to create the most ambitious visions as well as the skills to implement the smallest details of our client’s most critical projects, West Monroe Partners is a proven provider of growth and efficiency to large enterprises, as well as more nimble middle-market organizations. Our more than 350 consulting professionals drive better business results by harnessing our collective experience across a range of industries, serving clients out of offices across the US and Canada. For more information, visit our website at

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